EDU 534: Assessment-Based Instruction II

Discipline: Education

Credit Hours: 4

This course extends the goals identified for Assessment-based Literacy Instruction I (B-2) to the students in elementary grades three through six. The goals include: (1) understanding literacy development and learning, with special application to students at these grade levels; (2) determining individual needs for instruction in literacy skills and strategies with a variety of assessment tools, both formal and informal; and (3) using assessment data and knowledge of development to select and implement instructional strategies and curriculum materials that will facilitate progress in literacy for all students. The intent of these goals is to provide teachers with the skills necessary to facilitate appropriate, timely literacy development in students, as well as to identify and resolve issues that impede progress in literacy. Participants in this course learn to implement a balanced literacy program based on best practices while addressing the needs of older, struggling readers and writers. The course continues awareness of the influence of culture, class, race, ethnicity, gender, and historical and geographical contexts on literacy acquisition.

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