NUR 510: Nursing Theory and Research

Discipline: Nursing

Credit Hours: 4

This course presents a foundation for understanding the discipline and development of nursing knowledge as an essential component of scholarly practice for the Masters Prepared Nurse. This course provides the student with a better understanding of how evidence-based practice is translated into the healthcare environment. The research process is presented as students develop an appreciation for the thought processes used to formulate a research problem and purpose. Quantitative, qualitative, and outcomes research are examined in an effort to investigate a variety of research problems and purposes. Published studies are separated into their component parts to evaluate the logical consistency of the theoretical system and its interaction with the study methodology. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods of research are reviewed through performance of critiquing skills. Methodology, implementation, and data analysis/evaluation are stressed as the processes of statistical analyses are presented. Relevant theories highlight the application of nursing research aimed at providing evidence-based nursing care across a variety of patient care settings. The interrelationship of nursing theory, research, and practice is explored using best practice models. This course includes the theoretical basis of outcomes research, a brief history of emerging attempts to examine outcomes, the importance of outcomes research designed to examine nursing practice, and methodologies used in outcomes research.

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