NUR 640: Teaching/ Learning Methods

Discipline: Nursing

Credit Hours: 3

This course provides the student the opportunity to directly apply the philosophies and theories of education as they relate to the methods of teaching. Curriculum design and development including the rationale for course development from less to more complex within an integrated nursing program are examined. Various methods for determining clock/credit hour designations as well as faculty workload formulas for class and clinical hours are explored. Student learning styles are further studied in relation to various classroom strategies (i.e., learning through dialogue/discussion; learning through the use of narratives; concept mapping as a problem-solving tool; traditional lecture for selected types of learning). Designs for the evaluation of learning outcomes via testing and measurement within the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains are studied along with educator skills aimed at the development of assessment plans for student, course, and program evaluation. Students explore and integrate tools of nursing informatics within the traditional as well as nontraditional leaning environments.

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