OCC 502: Level II Fieldwork

Discipline: Occupational Science/Therapy

Credit Hours: 8

The student will complete 12 weeks of full-time employment/clinical experience under the direct supervision of a registered occupational therapist. The type of clinical setting or environment is a collaborative effort between the fieldwork coordinator, the student and the clinical site supervisor. The student learning objectives are developed by the fieldwork sites with review by the Division of Occupational Therapy. The primary emphasis for this fieldwork is the student's transition from academic learner to entry-level practitioner. The student must translate the academic knowledge base to actual clinical practice in a professional manner. Registration in this course constitutes full-time attendance. A student may begin Level II Fieldwork only after completing all the specified academic requirements. It consists of working full-time for 24 weeks in occupational therapy clinics, serving a variety of ages and diagnosis. Keuka College requires that three months be completed in a setting serving those with physical dysfunction. A student may choose to complete a third Level II placement in an area of interest, which may be two or three months long.

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