SWK 220: Ethics and Diversity in Social Work

Discipline: Social Work

Credit Hours: 3

This is a fundamental course for all social work students. It addresses the areas of diversity in which the Council for Social Work Education requires all social work students to have a working knowledge. These areas include, but are not limited to, issues of race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental ability, age, and national origin. It assists students in becoming aware of and sensitive to these issues, as well as building some beginning skill level with diverse populations. Important social work qualities, such as non-judgmental attitudes, acceptance, and a client-centered approach, will be explored. The required standard or the profession and student, the National Association of Social Work Code of Ethics, will be worked with to further the student's ability to understand and use its structure. The class members apply their knowledge by exploring ethical dilemmas and their application with clients, themselves, and the practice of social work.

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