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About Digital Studies at Keuka College

Digital thinkers are critical thinkers who understand how digital tools work (both their limitations and their possibilities) in order to enhance problem-solving and creativity. With the digital studies minor, learn how to use digital tools to improve learning, and to discover how digital tools can be used to solve problems and support creative endeavors.

The minor will help you understand and use digital media more intentionally, while integrating and enhancing the content in your own major. You can practice with digital tools and apply them throughout your curriculum.

Digital Studies Program Highlights

Versatile Application

The Digital Studies minor can be paired with any major, creating more diverse opportunities for you, and your future.

Digital Toolbox

Create a skill set loaded with digital competencies. You’ll be prepared for the modern workplace, and to tackle present-day and future problems.

In Demand

With a background in understanding the digital tools that power our world, you'll be an ideal candidate for any career path you seek.

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Program Overview

A minor in Digital Studies can be paired with any major at Keuka College, whether in professional studies, liberal arts, or the sciences. You'll take courses in digital communication, fundamentals of code and digital thinking, and data analytics, which will help enhance what you learn in your declared major. Begin to solve problems in new ways, by thinking logically and analytically. Throughout the minor, you'll use digital tools to dissect problems into its related parts, and work toward solutions that call upon your creativity.

Ultimately, you’ll take the Digital Learning Capstone course, where you’ll use your acquired knowledge in digital thinking, learning theory, and your skills with practical digital tools, to solve a problem within your own discipline.

Program Requirements

The Faculty

Your professors are experts on the latest digital tools. In fact, they’re more likely to ask you to take your phone out than put it away. Faculty members have presented at National Conferences, educating their peers on the advances Keuka College has made in its digital learning curriculum.

You’ll find that our president, Dr. Jorge L. Díaz-Herrera, is one of the biggest supporters of digital learning on campus. He was a leading writer of the Software Engineering Professional Examination, and co-editor of the Software Engineering volume of the IEEE-CS/ACM Computing Curricula project. He loves computers. You might even find him teaching one of your classes.

Faculty in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

Global Education

In many ways, technology is bringing us all closer together, which means more chances to collaborate with diverse populations. Online, you have the opportunity to connect with someone across the globe in a matter of seconds. At Keuka College, we support this type of collaboration. It can even happen easily on campus, considering 10% of our undergraduate students come from other counties.

Digital tools won’t be the only opportunity to connect with peers from other counties. Plan a Field Period™ experience abroad to see what the newest artificial intelligence scientists are working on in Seoul, South Korea, or head out west to intern with the programmers at SpaceX in California. At Keuka College, you’re only limited by your imagination.


Keuka College is dedicated to making sure you have access to the best technology available. Digital Learning at Keuka College ([email protected]) is powered by our robust cyber infrastructure, including:

  • Lightning speed, fiber optic-powered Internet
  • 10G bps building-to-building connection
  • 40G bps data center backbone
  • 100% WiFi coverage (it even hits the lake, so go ahead—work from a kayak!)

As a digital studies minor, you'll have all the resources you need to learn, invent, and create. Big-screen TVs you can project your laptop on. 70-inch monitors you can display your phone on. Walls you can draw on. High-definition video conferencing. Some of these are even right in your residence hall.

You’ll find digital learning spaces all over Keuka College’s campus. These spaces provide all the technology you need and connect you with your classmates and professors in a way you’ve never experienced before. 


Digital learning is integrated throughout your entire experience at Keuka College, and that includes athletics. If you love online gaming, you might be interested in trying out for the eSports team. The team currently competes in the virtual world of “League of Legends,” with the possibility of expanding into other platforms down the road.

As a member of the team, you’ll exercise and develop strategic critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills in a competitive environment. In addition, you’ll practice making rapid decisions, managing resources and expenditures, and working as a team—all skills that are essential for the professions of the future.

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