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Looking to make a career in the gaming industry? Our newest major will help you get there! Esports is a global entertainment industry that encompasses competitive video gaming. With an Esports management major, you will develop the skills associated with Esports operations, such as event management and marketing, broadcasting, content creation, strategic planning, and personnel management.

In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to be a member of our Esports operations team, which produces events on campus that include games such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, NBA2K, and Overwatch. Further develop your career options through hands-on Field Period® experiences in this emerging—and exciting—industry. Our Esports Management minor can also enhance other degree programs, such as business management, marketing, communication studies, and more. 

Esports Management Program Highlights


Elevate your game by integrating the best practices from business, marketing, psychology, and communications in an interdisciplinary team environment.


Starting with your first year, gain real-world knowledge in esports thanks to Field Period® experiences. Build your portfolio around the production of esports tournaments and invitational events, positioning you for a professional career in this emerging industry.


You’ll learn to master the fast-paced workflow of esports operations and apply the skills you build to any project in the industry.

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Program Overview

students sit at a computer and play esports For those with a passion for esports and business, Keuka College offers both a major or minor in Esports Management, designed specifically for students planning to shape a career in an exponentially growing market.

Keuka College was the first NCAA Division III institution to field a competitive varsity team in esports, and first pioneered a minor, and now a major, to provide students cutting-edge entry into the industry of global competitive video gaming. Our esports academic program will empower you to manage digital production, communication, marketing, and event promotion, all of which translates into a career in esports.

Rogo and friends play esports.

And nowhere else will you find the job market advantage of our signature internship program, the Keuka College Field Period®, which ensures you'll graduate with a minimum of four, real-world career experiences totaling some 560 hours of on-the-job expertise.

Thanks to Field Period®, your Esports Management degree will position you for job opportunities in business development, communications, broadcast production, event management and production, and league management.

The Faculty

Your immersion into new arenas will be led by faculty who are professionals and practitioners in esports, sports, and business leadership. Professors and adjunct professors from across our Business and Management and Basic and Applied Social Sciences (BASS) division lead all courses. You will glean from personal interaction and attention from our faculty, and the savvy business knowledge and real-world training they are ready to provide.

Faculty in the Division of Business and Management

Digital Literacy

Enhance your preparation for problem-solving issues in the esports management arena with additional courses focused on digital literacy. Learn to master appropriate digital tools, then build your skills through digital communications, enhanced with basic data analytics to enter the job market well-prepared or go on to graduate study. Some examples may include:

  • boosting ticket sales through digital marketing
  • analyzing data on players—yours or the competition—to create a predictive model for building a well-balanced team.
  • using open broadcast software to create new streaming content

Refine and enhance your knowledge of game theory and strategy with the digital tools that can help you be most effective in a competitive field.

Global Education

Esports is a global industry with major leagues connecting people from all over the world. With the United States and Asia leading the market, esports has remained a global experience since its inception in the late 2000s, and is now driven through infrastructure development and enhanced global distribution channels.

In today’s global economy, esports entertainment is a growing industry. Keuka College is uniquely suited to prepare you for the international business arena, thanks to the business programs we offer at partner universities in China and Vietnam, taught by Keuka College faculty. You may choose to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad or conduct a Field Period® with one of our international partners, and in some cases, special scholarships may be available for these study-abroad or Field Period® opportunities.


Keuka College's esports varsity team practices and competes in our very own Esports Arena. The room is highlighted by specialty gaming PC's and consoles, Oculus Rift Virtual Reality systems and more, and also serves as a lab space for students in the Esports Management academic programs.

Here, our students apply the event management, team operations and broadcast production skills they learn in the classroom. In the coming year, new event and activity space created in our student center will offer opportunities for our esports athletes to compete in front of a live audience and hear the cheers of friends and fans on campus as they rise to the challenges of each online competition. 


Keuka College is the first NCAA Division III institution to host a varsity esports team. Student-athletes on our esports team will find support from a full-time coach, attend regular practice sessions, and represent the ​Wolves in matches and championship tournaments.

The team—which currently boasts a co-ed roster more than 60 strong!—competes against schools from across the country, including prominent Division I schools. The KC Wolves are building a competitive record of successful performance against schools much larger in size, in popular games including League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Rocket League, NBA2K, Fifa, Fortnite, and Super Smash Brothers. 

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