Research and Scholarship

Contributing to Knowledge Across the World

At Keuka College, your professors are more than just great teachers.

They're innovators. Scholars. Writers. Artists. Intellectuals who dedicate their time to researching ways to enhance their fields and improve our understanding of the world and cultures around us. And because Keuka College is focused on teaching, you'll have plenty of opportunities to work with your professors to explore the areas that interest you most and learn from the discoveries your professors make when they're outside the classroom.

Together, Keuka College students and professors have partnered on research and scholarly projects that range from removing invasive plant species from the local ecosystem, to presenting research on the American Revolution at an academic conference hosted by Yale University, to publishing papers together in scientific journals. Explore below to see the scholarly contributions Keuka College students and faculty are making to the world.

Discover Research

See what students & faculty are researching.

Research Reel

Watch how Keuka College professors bring research to life.

Dr. Bill Brown is an ornithologist (bird scientist) who works independently with students on research projects that often lead to scholarly presentations and publications. But all of Dr. Brown's ornithology students have the chance to do their own on-campus research and benefit from his expertise. Watch to see how.

Dr. Andy Robak is a chemistry professor who appreciates the pure beauty of science. Watch what happens when a chemistry professor and a fine arts major work together for a semester to design and research experiments that explore the art of chemistry and the science of art.

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