Credit Options

A. Transfer Credit

The registrar will evaluate transcripts on an individual basis for all credit earned by candidates for admission prior to their admittance at Keuka College, and for all non-Keuka course credit earned while enrolled. Acceptance of transfer credit is based on the following criteria:

1. The institution of origin had accreditation at the time of the coursework;

2. The transferred credit(s) show a grade of C or better;

3. The subject is related to the general education program and/or related to, or supportive of, disciplines offered at Keuka College.

The following information, relative to approved transfer credit, will appear on the student’s transcript:

Transfer credits accepted (Total)

The number of transfer credits applied at the time of entry toward a Keuka College degree will consist of credit for courses which meet graduation requirements, and any additional elective credit needed to meet the completion of graduation requirements.

B. Prior Credit at Keuka College

The acceptance of prior course credit and grades in courses which were completed at Keuka College seven or more years prior to readmission to the College for a particular degree program will be determined by the registrar in consultation with the division chairperson and/or program coordinator. The type and number of prior courses and credits accepted toward a degree may depend upon the date the prior coursework was taken and/or the similarity of courses and major for which the student was previously and is currently enrolled.

C. Academic “Fresh Start”

Students who have withdrawn or have been suspended because of academic deficiencies, but who have demonstrated personal and academic maturation may request to be readmitted under Keuka College’s academic “Fresh Start” policy. The following conditions apply:

1. At least three years must have elapsed since the last date of attendance at Keuka College. The student must submit his/her request in writing to the registrar’s office prior to re-enrolling at Keuka College. The letter must present a thoughtful educational plan that includes specific academic and career goals and strategies for achieving them. In addition, the student should discuss and provide evidence of having achieved all of the following conditions that apply to his/her individual situation: coursework completed with a grade of C or higher at another accredited institution of higher education; intellectual development and academic preparedness through means other than traditional, credit-bearing academic courses, such as private tutoring, remedial coursework, academia skills workshops, work experience, etc.; maturity, responsibility, personal growth, and development through work, community service, family caregiving, or other means; pursuit and completion of academic testing and/or counseling; and changes in personal circumstances that adversely affected prior performance.

2. The student’s request will then be presented to the associate vice president for academic programs, who will approve/deny it.

3. Should academic “Fresh Start” be approved, the student will start with a “clean slate” GPA of 0.00. The student’s prior academic grades will not be considered in the calculation of the GPA earned after the Fresh Start reentry date except with respect to GPA in the major. However, all prior coursework and grades will remain visible as part of the student’s official Keuka College transcript.

4. If granted, the date of academic “Fresh Start” will be entered on the student’s transcript.

5. Academic “Fresh Start” may be granted to a person only once.

6. Students are cautioned that when considering applications for admissions, many graduate and professional schools will compute the undergraduate GPA of all hours attempted.

7. Academic “Fresh Start” does not pertain to accumulated financial aid history. Accumulated semester and award limits include all semesters of enrollment.

8. Students who are granted academic “Fresh Start” under this policy must complete a minimum of 30 credits in new or repeated courses at Keuka College prior to graduation, including 12 credits at the 300/400 level in the major and achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

9. Students readmitted under an academic “Fresh Start” policy remain subject to all existing graduation requirements.

D. Credit by Examination

Under certain conditions, Keuka College grants credit toward graduation based on the following exams:

* College Proficiency Examination (CPE) administered by the New York State Department of Education.

* College Level Examinations Program (CLEP) offered by the College Board.

* Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB).

* New York State Regents College Examination (RCE).

* International Baccalaureate Examinations (IB).

Credit is granted to students who meet the entrance requirements and who matriculate in a program leading to a degree. The granting of credit does not necessarily guarantee that all prerequisites for advanced study have been met. Students who have completed work in lower-level courses by examination are urged to consult with a departmental adviser before registering for advanced work in a subject.

A matriculated student may be eligible to earn credits through any of the above-mentioned examinations upon approval of the registrar. Further information is available from the registrar’s office.

E. Non-Keuka Coursework

1. Rochester Area Colleges (RAC): This 18-college consortium provides an opportunity for full-time, matriculated students to register in a member institution for one or two courses not available on the home campus. Approval is granted on a space-available basis at the second institution. Arrangements are completed during the week following the first day of instruction at the second institution. Approval of both institutions is necessary. For further information, see the registrar’s office.

2. Off-campus and Summer Study: Non-Keuka coursework forms are available online or in the registrar’s office. Approval must be received before the end of the academic year. A student may register for summer school courses at accredited institutions. Credit will be transferred to Keuka College provided that prior approval is received from the faculty adviser and the registrar and a grade of C or higher is earned. Students must request that an official transcript be sent to the registrar’s office when the academic work is completed.

F. Study Abroad

Study abroad represents an invaluable type of experiential learning and cultural enrichment. Students who study abroad enhance their preparation as citizens and working professionals in an increasingly multicultural world.

The opportunity to study abroad is a special privilege open to students who have demonstrated the academic preparedness and personal maturity to handle the challenges of living and learning in another country and culture.

Therefore, students seeking institutional permission to study abroad must meet the following minimum standards:

• sophomore (24 or more credits) or higher standing at the time of the experience,

• a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher,

• at least one letter of support from their adviser or other faculty member, and

• good standing within the College’s Student Conduct Code.

Permission must be sought at least one full semester prior to the time of the proposed study abroad experience. In addition, students must meet all the eligibility standards for the study abroad program to which they intend to apply.

Students interested in international study should begin by contacting their faculty adviser and the associate vice president for academic programs. They will (a) help the student research and select a quality program suited to his/her academic needs and interests; (b) guide the student throughout the application process (e.g., course selection, financial aid, orientation); and (c) help him/her secure institutional approval to study abroad.

Materials about study abroad programs are available in the Center for Experiential Learning. Keuka College participates in special study abroad consortia promoting semester-long study in Hong Kong and Austria.

Students wishing to study abroad must obtain final institutional approval from the associate vice president for academic programs.

Students enrolled in programs of study approved for credit by Keuka College are considered enrolled at Keuka for Title IV financial aid purposes.

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