Online Classes

Online Classes

Taking online courses is a great way for you to satisfy general education requirements, fulfill prerequisites, or get a head start on your next semester. Online courses are available:

If you plan to enroll in an online course, make sure you talk to your academic advisor first. Your advisor will help make sure the course you've selected fulfills your academic credit needs and degree requirements.

All online courses are taught on Moodle, our roboust learning management system.

Online Course Information for Off-Campus Students

Your academic advisor can help you register for any online classes being offered. Check out our online catalogs below to view our course offerings by term.

Online General Education Courses

Information about Online General Education courses will be posted shortly.

What To Expect from an Online Class

Just as your class environment varies from course to course and instructor to instructor, so do online classes.

Generally speaking, there is more reading and writing involved in an online class, because those are the primary modes of communicating. Class participation is usually facilitated through an activity called a “forum,” which is similar to a threaded discussion or online bulletin board. In this scenario, an instructor may pose a question to the class and require a response, or “post” from each student within a certain number of days. The instructor may also require that each student responds to at least one or two posts from other students. This is how the discussion begins. The advantage to this mode over an actual classroom discussion is that assertive and less assertive students are on an equal playing field. Students can give their responses more thought and consideration in an online class.

Some classes will include audio and/or video content, and PDF or Word documents to be downloaded by the student. Also, links to related information on Web sites may also be included.

Although the media are different, there are actually many similarities in online and traditional course delivery. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself how you would handle the situation in a traditional setting. Chances are, there is a similar course of action online as well.

Homework assignments may be delivered to the student and submitted to the instructor through Moodle, although many instructors choose to use email instead. There are activities that allow students to communicate and collaborate as groups, and provide the ability to participate in online, real-time “chats” with classmates.

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