Online Classes

Online Classes

Taking online courses is a great way for you to satisfy general education requirements, fulfill prerequisites, or get a head start on your next semester.

If you plan to enroll in an online course, make sure you talk to your academic advisor first. Your advisor will help make sure the course you've selected fulfills your academic credit needs and degree requirements.

Upcoming Online Courses

Your academic advisor can help you register for any online classes being offered. Check out our online catalog(s) below to view our course offerings by term.

What can I expect from an online course?

Online courses combine the convenience of learning at home with the rigor of a traditional classroom course. In an online course, the primary modes of communication involve reading and writing. Class participation is usually facilitated through a “forum,” which is similar to a threaded question or online bulletin board. An instructor may pose a question to the class and require a response via a “post” from each student—due within a certain number of days. The instructor may also require that each student responds to at least one or two posts from other students. This is how discussion begins. There may also be activities that allow students to communicate and collaborate in groups and provide the ability to participate in online, real-time “chats” with classmates. Some classes may include audio or video content, or PDF/Word documents to be downloaded by the student. Homework assignments are delivered to the student and submitted by the student via email or Moodle. Students should refer to Keuka College’s Writing Rubric on their course page before submitting an assignment. Your instructor may select additional course rubrics to help you submit your best work.

How do I register for a course?

  • AOE students: To register for a course, please contact your Enrollment Advisor or Student Success Advisor directly and he or she can assist you in registering through the KC portal.
  • On-Campus Students: Students can self-register via Webadvisor for the January and Summer term (select non ASAP terms). An exception to policy (ETP) is required to register for an online class during the traditional semesters (fall and spring).

When is the registration deadline?

Registration deadlines are listed at the top of each session. There are no exceptions to these deadlines. To ensure success in your course, please keep these dates in mind. Registrations received after the deadline cannot be processed.

What should I expect next?

One week prior to the course start date, you will receive additional information from the instructor related to your course. If the course is cancelled, you will receive a notification before the start date of that course so you are able to choose a different course.

How do I get my course materials?

Most online courses utilize eBooks, which will be delivered to your Keuka College email account. Courses that offer additional materials are delivered to the home address that is listed in our student information system. To ensure proper deliver, make sure your home address and phone number are up to date.

Term Student Type Book Cost
Fall ASAP AOE No Cost
Spring ASAP AOE No Cost
January On-Campus* No Cost
Summer On-Campus* No Cost
Fall (traditional On Campus) On-Campus* Normal Book Cost
Spring (traditional On Campus) On-Campus* Normal Book Cost

*Contact the Student Accounts office for online courses costs

How do I access my online courses on Moodle?

To access an online course that you have registered for on Moodle off of the KC Portal, please go to the Moodle home page, then scroll down to “Online Courses.” Choose the “start date” that you have registered for. Your course will be on this page. Courses will not be visible to you until two weeks before the start date. Please note that if you have successfully registered for course, you will automatically be linked to the corresponding Moodle course page. If you are having issues with Moodle, please contact the Moodle help line at (315) 279-5217, option 2.

See a complete list of course descriptions here.

Who do I contact with questions?

  • AOE students: Contact the Adult and Online Education (AOE) office at 141 Central Ave, Keuka Park NY 14478, email: [email protected], call: 1-866-255-3852, fax: (315) 279-5407.
  • On-Campus students: Contact the Office of the Registrar, email: [email protected]

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