Information for OT Fieldwork Educators

Fieldwork educators are an important part of the Occupational Therapy program.

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A Fieldwork educator must be a licensed occupational therapist with at least one year of experience working in a clinical setting. As a level I and/or level II Fieldwork educator, your knowledge, support, and instruction are critical to the success of our students. Fieldwork is an integral part of Keuka College’s academic curriculum, and Fieldwork educators work closely with students and Keuka College’s Academic Fieldwork Coordinators to provide learning opportunities that align with our curriculum design and the values of the OT profession.

Becoming a Fieldwork Educator

Interested clinicians with a minimum of one-year experience in the field should contact academic fieldwork coordinators Dr. Michele Bennett, assistant professor of occupational therapy, or Dr. Kelly Christensen, assistant professor of occupational therapy.

Educator of the Year Award

Each year, Keuka College’s chapter of the honor society Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE) selects one fieldwork educator and honors her or him with the Fieldwork Educator of the Year Award. Nominations are submitted each spring by current level II Fieldwork students. Selection is based on excellence in the following areas: communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, client-centered and occupation-based practice, therapeutic use of self, evidence-based practice, ethics, and advocacy.

Continuing Education Credits for Fieldwork Educators

Keuka College's Division of Occupational Therapy is proud to offer a professional continuing education opportunity to fieldwork educators. To earn continuing education credits, please view the fieldwork educator’s informational video below. Once you have completed viewing the video, click on the link provided for the exam. Questions may be directed to Michele Bennett, assistant professor of occupational therapy, at (315) 279-5720 or

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