Coronavirus Travel Information

Policy Regarding International Travel

  • Yates County Public Health and the College request that all students, faculty, and staff who are traveling internationally, regardless of destination, inform the Health Services office of their travel plans. You may do so by emailing [email protected] or calling (315) 279-5368.
    Those who intend on traveling overseas must be aware of the following:

    • You may be subject to involuntary quarantine by the United States and/or New York State governments upon returning to the United States. This applies regardless of your travel destination, and is contingent upon the government’s evaluation of public health risk. This includes those traveling on foreign and U.S. passports.
    • Those who travel internationally, particularly during the upcoming spring break, may not be able to return to the United States as a result of federal travel restrictions or quarantines imposed by U.S. or foreign governments. While there is evidence that the United States government has been repatriating citizens quarantined overseas, there is no guarantee of expediency, and these costs are generally not covered by the government.
    • College health officials may require that those who have traveled to certain countries impose a 14-day self-quarantine prior to returning to campus.
    • The College cannot provide accommodations for students or employees who miss significant work or class time as a result of travel quarantine or restrictions. Please be aware of this risk if you opt to travel internationally in the near future.
    • As always, we advise that all travel tickets be purchased with appropriate insurance to cover trip cancellation, disruption, and emergency medical issues. The College will not cover the cost of change fees.
  • All College-sponsored travel to and from partner universities in China is suspended until further notice. The College will continue monitoring governmental suggestions with respect to travel to China and will amend this policy as appropriate.
  • The College’s Alternative Spring Break planned for Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, will continue as planned.  

International Student Travel

The College is currently working to identify opportunities for international students who may be unable to travel home to remain on campus. Additional information will be provided as we get closer to the end of the semester. 

Summer International Field Period

The College is currently evaluating the international Field Period® experiences planned for the summer of 2020. Students and faculty who are planning to travel should be aware that the College may have to cancel or change College-sponsored international trips, given the day-to-day changes in numbers of those affected by Coronavirus and associated government warnings and restrictions. 


The College hopes that families of international students who are graduating have a safe and enjoyable time in the United States as they celebrate the remarkable achievements of their students. 

While we hope that families of international students are able to attend Commencement, please be aware that:

  • Travel restrictions from certain countries may prohibit their ability to do so.
  • Family members may be subject to testing or a 14-day quarantine by the U.S. government upon arrival in the United States. 

The College will offer live streaming of the Commencement ceremony. For students from the College’s partner institutions whose families are unable to travel to the United States, the College will make every effort to hold a commencement ceremony at or near your partner university once the travel restriction has been lifted and the Coronavirus threat has subsided. 

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