Housing and Residence Life Information

Housing and Residence Life Information

Campus Facilities/Access FAQs

Can I stay on campus or am I required to leave? Is this for the rest of the semester?

After careful consideration, and in accordance with continuing state and federal guidelines, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that Keuka College's campus must remain closed at least through the remainder of the semester.

Students were encouraged to remain home at the conclusion of Spring Break. The deadline to apply to return to campus after Spring Break has expired. Unless you have already been approved by the Office of Student Affairs, no further requests for returning to campus will be considered at this time. Student ID access to buildings has been turned off for all students not approved to remain on campus.

Students facing extraordinary circumstances may contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life to inquire about an exemption. The College will continue to provide limited dining options to those on campus. Other essential services (e.g., health and counseling) will remain available.

Are the buildings and residence halls closed?

Some of them, yes. And the College has closed all buildings that are not currently housing students: The Jephson Science Center, Hegeman Hall, Lightner Library, Strong Hall, the Dahlstrom Student Center, Keuka Commons, the South Duplex, Allen House, the Recreation and Athletics Center (RAC), Wagner House, the Allardice Alumni Center, Davis Hall, Blyley Hall, and Saunders Hall. Exception: Approved residential students may remain in their residence halls and visit Dahlstrom Student Center ONLY to retrieve meals at their predetermined time.

Can I return to live on campus?

The deadline to apply to return to campus has expired. Unless you have already been approved by the Office of Student Affairs, no further requests for returning to campus will be considered at this time. Student ID access to buildings has been turned off for all students not approved to remain on campus.

Those who were approved to live on campus while they take online classes may be subject to COVID-19 testing and/or quarantine upon their return. In addition, returning students will be confined to their residence halls or apartments for a minimum of 14 days, with the exception of access to essential (e.g., meals, restrooms, laundry, health and counseling) or academic (e.g., clinical placement, etc.) services.

Additional policies will include:

  • No outside (non-resident students) visitors will be permitted in the residence halls.
  • All common areas, including residence hall lounges, will be closed.
  • Gatherings of more than five students in residence halls will be prohibited.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the residence halls and apartments for all students until further notice.


How long may students continue to live on campus?

Students who have been given permission to remain on campus do not need to leave until the end of the semester on May 13. If you would like to move out sooner, please contact [email protected]. We know that there are a number of international students who may not be able to return home at the end of the semester. If this is the case, we will make arrangements for you to remain on campus as long as necessary.

What is the policy for students who are staying on campus, who want to have a guest visit overnight?

No outside (non-resident students) visitors are permitted in the residence halls. If you are approved to remain on campus, it is with the extreme emphasis that you do not allow visitors into your buildings. Violations of this policy may result in your removal from campus.

What about public access to the campus?

In the interest of public health, all College property has been closed to the general public for the foreseeable future. Only faculty, staff, and students who have obtained permission may be on the campus. This includes the lakefront, campus grounds and green spaces, and all campus facilities. Through traffic on Lake Avenue, a public road, will not be affected.

My reason for staying on campus changed. What should I do if I’ve decided to go home?

If you were staying for Nursing, Practicum, student teaching, or Field Period® experience, and you no longer need to remain on campus, please email [email protected] or Administrative Assistant Student Affairs Teri Spoor at [email protected] with your departure date and time. We strongly encourage students to leave campus if they no longer have an extenuating circumstance for remaining.

What should students do if they need to retrieve something from their room?

Residential students who are not currently residing on campus may sign up for a specific day and time block to retrieve their belongings later this spring. Specific details on the move-out process will be sent by May 1.

Please recognize that these plans may need to be adjusted to conform with any new federal, state, or local guidelines. Please do not come to campus to retrieve items in residence halls until arrangements have been made. You will not be given access to the building. Yates County does not have a robust healthcare infrastructure; county officials are asking for limited traffic to the area to reduce the risk of a widespread outbreak in our community.

If a student left only a handful of items in their dorm, is it possible to leave them there until they return to campus in the fall?

Students with this question should contact [email protected]. These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Are there any exceptions for obtaining packages that have been sent to a student? For example, if a family sends a student money?

To retrieve packages from the mailroom, please call (315) 279-5466 to coordinate a curbside pick-up time and location.

What if professors or staff need to retrieve something from campus?

Non-essential personnel wishing to visit the College must follow the following protocol:

  • Contact your appropriate vice president to request approval.
  • The vice president will then notify the director of Campus Safety, who will share the information and approximate time of arrival with Campus Safety officers.
  • Faculty/staff members must call Campus Safety at (315) 694-0268 when they arrive on campus, regardless of whether they need Campus Safety to provide entry to a building.
  • Faculty/staff must then call Campus Safety when they are leaving campus.


Can faculty members have students who are still on campus or in close proximity to the College visit for office hours?

Faculty are strongly encouraged to use Microsoft Teams to hold virtual office hours and to limit or eliminate face-to-face interactions with students and one another.

If a faculty member has limited internet access at home, are they permitted to go to campus to deliver their class?

No, they are not. Only essential personnel with permission of their respective vice president are permitted on campus at this time. Faculty with internet issues are encouraged to work with the IT Service Desk by submitting a ticket or calling at (315) 279-5217 option 3 to make alternate arrangements.

You can see the archived message from March 2020 below regarding housing and residential life, from Jon Accardi, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students:

Dear Students,

As we continue to navigate the rest of the semester, and most importantly the next two weeks, please take a minute to review some of the notes below:

  • Keuka College is not closing. Our classes will move to online instruction beginning on March 30. The library, Health and Counseling, and other important services will remain open. We will communicate modified hours and virtual access instructions as we move forward.
  • Our primary focus is to reduce population density during the Coronavirus situation. You’ll find many other colleges and universities, including the entire SUNY and CUNY systems, are instituting similar precautions (e.g., extending spring break, moving classes online, etc.)
  • We strongly encourage anyone who is leaving for Spring Break to remain home after the end of the two-week timeframe.
  • When leaving for break, I suggest you bring home essential items (e.g., laptop, books, clothes, medications, etc.). If you can’t bring additional belongings, don’t worry. Your belongings will be safe in your room. We are still hopeful that we can return to face-to-face instruction later this semester.
  • Some of you will be staying on campus for part or all of Spring Break (e.g. student teaching, nursing students, travel plans, etc.). If you haven’t done so yet, please complete the housing request form for “Spring Break.” We will be in touch with those of you remaining over break with additional details regarding meals.
  • For anyone needing to be on campus after Spring Break, stay tuned for more information next week. In the meantime, please complete the housing request form so we know you plan on being on campus. We will contact you next week to confirm your plans.
  • As an added precaution, card swipe access to residence halls will be turned off this weekend to students who are not registered to stay over Spring Break and/or beyond.


Please be patient while we continue to navigate this situation. The landscape is constantly changing, and our faculty and staff are in constant dialogue about the challenges ahead. 

“Believe in What We Can do Together” is at the core of who we are as a community. We are still together… we’re just learning how to do “together” a bit differently. 

Very best,


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