Strategic Goals

Keuka College’s long-range strategic plan has four strategic goals, and each goal contains five strategic objectives.

As we achieve these objectives, we bring to fruition our vision of being renowned as a global leader in comprehensively integrating liberal arts, digital technologies, experiential learning, and professional practice.


Foster highly engaged students, employees, and alumni who have a dynamic impact on student development, diversity, the work environment, athletic performance, and alumni participation.

  • Stimulate students’ intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth with purposeful learning, global opportunities, and diverse living-learning communities.    
  • Boost student excellence, faculty and staff resources, and alumni engagement to become the “College of Choice” for all.    
  • Enhance variety and quality in athletics by increasing the number of sports, achieving more success, and ultimately participating in a more prestigious conference.    
  • Establish programs and partnerships to engage alumni and external communities through proactive recruitment and mentoring, as well as vibrant town-gown relationships.    


Deliver innovative and excellent academics to ensure that the foundation of the College, its high-impact curriculum, will reflect an unparalleled integration of the liberal arts, digital technology, experiential learning, and professional practice.

  • Foster exemplary and high-impact academic programs, resulting in national recognition and a reputation for high quality, future-oriented, innovative majors.    
  • Infuse computational thinking across the curricula by utilizing a robust digital infrastructure to augment digital tools that can be applied to all general and professional learning.    
  • Support faculty and staff excellence with a reconfigured workload, growth in compensation to the top quartile of our peer group, professional development, and increased diversity.    
  • Develop and expand academic-business (for-profit and non-profit) partnerships that provide opportunities for experiential learning, strengthen student leadership skills, and expand Keuka College’s regional, national, and international relationships.


Provide a 21st century global learning environment that will offer a hallmark learning experience to a global market, within a virtual environment and at a vibrant home campus that boasts arts, culture, athletics, and community partnerships.

  • Improve the campus with an eye toward creating an exciting living-learning environment that supports intellectual and social growth, while also finding ways to reduce operating costs.
  • Expand and enhance digital infrastructure that empowers growth by utilizing distance learning, connectivity, and diverse digital tools.
  • Integrate arts and culture into academics, campus life, and community collaboration, first with a virtual arts center, then with physical facilities for arts, culture, and performance.
  • Transform the residential home campus by providing a vibrant “college-town” experience that integrates educational, living, social, and service activities. Commit to, and demonstrate, environmental sustainability in all aspects of planning, construction, and operations.


Achieve financial sustainability within a mission-driven culture that will allow the nimble, entrepreneurial College to position itself within existing and future markets.

  • Implement responsible financial practices that control expenses, leverage partnerships, and base program mix on market support.
  • Optimize recruitment and retention through innovative approaches that increase student quality and degree completion.
  • Implement an ambitious fundraising plan to substantially increase capital, operating, and endowment giving.
  • Develop and promote a strong, clear, and differentiated brand position encompassing all aspects of the Keuka College experience, and ensure that all processes are consistent with it.
  • Encourage and reward mission-driven behavior that is entrepreneurial and aligned with the College’s vision and values.
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