Become Someone's Favorite Teacher

Your favorite childhood game was playing school, and you were always the teacher. The smell of school supplies makes you giddy and back to school season is your favorite because... new pencils (you thought we were going to say pumpkin spice, didn’t you?).

You love learning new things, and when you teach someone something new, the light in their eyes makes your heart sing. Teaching is calling you. But where do you go to become that future Teacher of the Year?

The answer is simple — Keuka College. A small college where the learning experience is intimate, inspiring, and interactive (our Field Period® experiences give you four annual internships!). When you choose Keuka College you don’t just get a cool campus smack dab on the shores of one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world, you get a family.  A support system.  

And we can't wait for you to join us.

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Braxton Perry
Erica Doherty
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Where Can I Work?

K-12 schools [public and private]
Government agencies
Publishing companies
Non-profit organizations
Child care centers

What Can I Do?

Teacher Public or Private
Applied Behavior Analyst
Child Care Professional
Child Life Specialist
Early Interventionist
Education Researcher
English as a Second Language [ESL] Instructor
Learning Specialist
Museum Educator
Standardized Test Developer
Textbook Editor
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At Keuka College, you get the opportunity to work in actual classrooms starting your freshman year. 

The professors are great and will help you stay on track and get you prepared for your future career. I love the Keuka College Education program and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a career in teaching!

Amelia Poole '20