Impact of Your Gift

The impact of a gift to Keuka College is felt well beyond the borders of campus. A gift to Keuka College is a gift to generations of bright, young minds. It’s a gift to the future, not only of the College, but to the state of New York and beyond. The students you help today are the leaders of tomorrow. The faculty who benefit from your gift are the innovators working on creative solutions to global problems.

Read the stories on this page to learn about the impact that your gifts can have on students and faculty, through support for scholarships, endowed faculty positions, new facilities, and student engagement opportunities. 

Telling a Story Like No One Else

Seniors Aly Rodriguez and Emily Radler freeze time with one image.

More than ‘Just a Meal’

Students in the Development in Middle Childhood course learn the value of connecting over dinner.

Storytelling Through Art

Jadine Buddingh has the magic to immortalize moments of everyday life.

From One Neighbor to Another, Blood Drive in Vietnam is a Success

Students in Lynn Lannon '69's class collected 197 units of blood during their latest blood drive.

Art Meets History: Eternalizing Canandaigua

Melissa Newcomb contributes to 800 square foot mural which invites viewers to ‘Step Back in Time.’

Respite, Recreation, and Rejuvenation

One-day retreat at Wellness G.I.F.T.S. allows Keuka College students to work with families who have a special needs family member.

Meeting the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca

You never know where a Keuka College Field Period™ can take you and who you will meet along the way.

Scientifically Smelling Red Wine

When you smell wine, are you really smelling what you think you smell? Dr. Andy Robak finds out. 

Blinded by Science

A Keuka College student found her passion thanks to an encouraging advisor and the opportunity to research alongside a world-renowned alumna. 

Revolutionizing Historical Research

Students in Dr. Chris Leahy’s history class never thought they’d identify so much with a Keuka College alumna from the 40s—until they met Rita. Now, they're tasked with preserving her legacy for the next generation of Keukonians.

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