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What grade point average (GPA) do I need to graduate?

A minimum of a 2.0, however, check your Program evaluation, each program has its own GPA requirements.

What if I don’t attend commencement, how will I receive my diploma?

Students do not receive their diplomas at graduation. All students are mailed their diplomas within 4-6 weeks of graduating. The Registrar's Office confers degrees at the end of each month.

How can I return to Keuka after previously withdrawing?

Students who wish to resume coursework at Keuka College should review Former Students Returning to Keuka College page in the Keuka College Record. All applications will be reviewed by the Keuka College Office of Admissions as well as the Office of the Registrar, if necessary.

Can I graduate in December?

Conferrals are done monthly depending on program completion, however, there is only one commencement ceremony in May.

How do I read a program evaluation?

You can meet with your advisor or success advisor to get help reading your program evaluation. You can also visit the Registrar's Office. The 3 key status are as follows:

  • In-Progress: You are currently enrolled, but you have degree requirements that have not yet been attempted. Review all sections In-Progress below.
  • Pending Anticipated Complete: Upon successful completion of all registered and pre-registered coursework now showing, your degree requirements will be done.
  • Complete: Congratulations! Your degree requirements are finished, and you are done! Degrees are generally conferred at the end of every month.
How often should I review my program evaluation?

You should review your program evaluation at least once per term, to make sure you are on track!

Can I receive my grades by telephone?

No. Because we are unable to verify the identity of any caller beyond a reasonable doubt, grades are not released by telephone to protect the student's right to privacy.

I want to withdraw from the College. What do I have to do?

Please contact the Registrar's Office at (315) 279-5204 or [email protected].

What is Field Period®?

Keuka College's Field Period® program is an annual, self-designed experience that gives students a chance to explore their interests. It can be an internship, observation, cultural experience, community service project, artistic endeavor, or spiritual-based exploration. Briefly stated, it is a chance for students to gain experiences in the fields that interest them for a short period of time.

What are the benefits of Field Period®?

Keuka College's Field Period® program helps students connect academic learning to real world experiences.  It often helps them with their major and career decisions as well as develop transferable and industry-specific skills.  Additionally, the Field Period® program allows students to develop professional networks and strong resumes as they experience working with different environments and populations.

When Does Field Period® happen?

About 70% of Keuka College students complete their Field Period® requirements during the January term while the remaining 30% complete them during the summer. It is also possible for a student to complete one during the fall or spring semester.

How long is each Field Period® experience?

Field Period® is a 140-hour course. Students are required to complete at least 120 on-site hours towards each Field Period® experience and an additional 20-hours will be dedicated to the reflective assignments. Occupational Science students divide their Field Period® courses in half and therefore they complete at least 60-hours in two different settings for each three-credit Field Period®.

Are Field Period® experiences worth academic credit?

Each Field Period® course—which consists of the experience and reflective assignments—is worth three academic credits.  Students should review their Program Evaluations to understand which Field Period® course requirements they must complete for their major. Field Period® courses are graded as pass/fail. A passing Field Period® course will should up as an "S" for "satisfactory" on a student's transcript.

How many Field Period® experiences will I have to do?

Most students will complete four Field Period® experiences, however this many vary based on major or transfer status.  For specific requirements, students should refer to their Program Evaluation accessible through the Portal under KC Self-Service.

What are the Field Period® assignments?

Prior to doing a Field Period® experience, students must submit a course proposal, which consists of a learning contract and a thank you letter, for faculty and site approval. The learning contract identifies their site, supervisor, and what they expect to do and learn from that experience. During the experience, students will keep a reflective journal. At the end of the experience, the student and site supervisor will be sent a Final Evaluation to complete and the student will be required to create a summary paper and put together a presentation that displays his/her learning through unique documentation.