2017 Technology Day

Join Us August 17 from 8am to 4:30pm

Technology Day

Explore and learn what’s new in IT by joining us for hands on learning sessions, including guest speaker Andrew M. Phelps, director of the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction, and Creativity.

Course Selections

Virtual Collaboration
Presented By: Jason McKinney, Tom Flicker, Andy Hogan

The next best thing to being there (or maybe even better?). This session will highlight video conferencing tools, applications, and techniques that are available for use inside and outside the classroom. Specific tools will include Skype for Business as a resource that will be available to all faculty.

Leveraging WiFi within the Classroom
Presented By: Carrie Roberts, Mike Burke

Keep the students plugged in to your teaching, not the wall. This session will explore how wireless technology can enhance pedagogical collaboration within the classroom. Discussions will include leveraging BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to augment the student experience and learning.

Everyone Print - The Quicker Printer Upper
Presented By: Dusan Ducic

Forgot to bring the handouts to class and your office is in another building? No need to fear… print from your phone, laptop or tablet to any printer on campus! This session will explain the benefits and process to print anywhere from any device.

Moodle Basics
Presented By: Carrie Roberts, Brenton Bienvenue

Moodle, the College's learning management system (LMS), offers many options for personalizing your courses. Learn how to navigate through the system and add a special touch to your courses. We may not explore it all in this session, but we will plant a seed that we can grow all semester together. This session is for novices.

Advanced Moodle
Presented By: Laurel Hester, Brenton Bienvenue

Moodle has many new features. Come find out how to make your courses more interactive, and collaborative. This session is for more experienced Moodle users.

Everyone Can Play with Air Media
Presented By: Enid Bryant, Andy Hogan

Your phone screen is tiny! The whole class can't crowd around your phone to see what you have created -- and now they don't have to. This session will highlight how faculty and students alike can project what is on their phone, tablet, laptop or other digital device so everyone can see. And everyone can play!

What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Presented By: Steve Cross

Technology issues and IT Requests can be troublesome, but the IT Service Desk has your back. You can now report issues and post IT requests through our new chat utility.

Digital Imaging and Mail Center - Your Partner in Print & Highlight your Presentation / Cite the Keuka College Way
Presented By: Pete Bekisz, Meg Crocker

Hardcopies?? Yep, sometimes the best solution is one you can hold in your hand. The Keuka College DIMC is not your typical print center, and this session will showcase the services offered. Faculty and staff can now order their personal invitations, posters, cards, and other items from the DIMC. Marketing and Communications will highlight how to leverage the approved Keuka College logos images and graphics.

Don't Buy When You Can Borrow - IT Device Loaner Program
Presented By: Katie Fitzpatrick

Need an adapter, iPad, or video camera? Faculty, staff, and students can borrow one at no cost through the IT Loaner program. This session will summarize what devices are available to check out, and the process for requesting these devices.

Thinking in 3D
Presented By: Tim Sellers, Brien Zimmer

3D and immersive technologies can change student learning by significantly changing perspectives. This session will look at the student learning possibilities of making the real virtual (virtual and augmented reality) and the virtual real (3D printing).(Potentially a guest presenter from Wells College in addition to IT staff and KC faculty).

Roses are #FF000 / Violets are #000FF Robot Coding in the Classroom
Presented By: Enid Bryant, Micky Akers-Coville

Get introduced to the fundamentals of coding (using robots!) and how these concepts can augment your classroom discussion.

Learning Technology Best Practices Across Academic Division: Discussion Panel
Presented By: Carrie Roberts, Riley Robbers

Faculty representatives from various Keuka College academic divisions will participate in a panel discussion (and show-and-tell) discussing best practices in enhancing sudent learning using technology in and out of the classroom.

E-Portfolios in Field Period and Academic Programs
Presented By: Tara Bloom, Troy Cusson, Tim Sellers

E.portfolios can take many shapes and forms, but they all exist to help students integrate and demonstrate their own learning. Come learn how Keuka College faculty are already using e-portfolios to augment student learning in academic programs and Field Periods.

Learning by Doing: Simulations as a Tool for Learning
Presented By: Nancy Marksbury, Mikhail Sher, Stan Wilczek, Gary Smith, Jim White, Jen Alessi, Meg Crocker

Simulations and games in tertiary education require a high overhead in terms of instructor preparation. Integrating these tools may seem too challenging and you may wonder if it is worth the effort. Hear from both faculty and students on their experiences using simulations as an engaging tool for learning by doing.

Moodle: Rubrics and Marking Guide Essentials
Presented By: Laurel Hester, Brenton Bienvenue

Grading and assignment feedback is critical to help students learn and develop, but it's often time intensive -- but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to use Moodle to incorporate rubrics and the marking guide to give students more than just a grade.

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Bad Phish
Presented By: Josh Middleton

Click this?!? Individuals today continually face online attempts to sneakily highjack their identity and financial information. This session will explain what phishing attempts are and the best practices to be prepared and avoid being caught.

Έχασες με την Τεχνολογία της Τάξης; - Classroom Technology No Longer Greek!
Presented By: Klaudia Lorinczova, Ransom Carroll

How can we reduce classroom technology issues? By stopping them before they happen! This session highlights a new proactive classroom technology monitoring utility (Extron Globalviewer) that will help ensure technology issues no longer impact classes. A general overview of the technology contained within the standard classroom will also be provided.

Aligning Technology, Audience, and Purpose
Presented By: Tim Sellers, Andrea Campbell

Different technologies (computers, projectors, smartphones, tablets, etc.) allow content to be veiwed almost anywhere. But simply veiwing and really using are very different. Teaching is not "content delivery," and simply pulling up a large Word file on a smartphone is not presenting. Come and learn how to align various digital technology with the audience and purpose of your message.

Keeping Up With Technology - Featuring TED Talks
Presented By: Vickie Tobias

Change is what does not change in technology; it's almost impossible to keep up. What are the best ways to keep informed with the latest technology and pedagogical enhancements? – Find out here! Learn how you can keep ahead of the curve by using podcasts, blogs, social media, and other digital methods to experience TED Talks and other great learning avenues.

There's An App for That
Presented By: Pat Pulver, Tim Sellers

That is soooo cool! What app is THAT? This will be a hands-on session for using your mobile technology (smartphone, tablet, etc.) well, smarter. We'll introduce some great new apps and hope that YOU will share your own.

Office '16/Office 365
Presented By: Katie Fitzpatrick

Microsoft Office 2016 provides improved work efficiency with user friendly features that enable easy and secure information sharing. This session will highlight the increased efficiencies and improvements the latest version of Microsoft Office offers pervious version of the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Immersing with Oculus Rift
Presented By: Steve Cross

Experience the 3D virtual reality world of Oculus Rift. This session allows individuals to experience a full interactive virtual reality environment right on the Keuka College Campus. (Limited participation. Pre-registration required

Social Media in Higher Education
Presented By: Enid Bryant, Nicholas Koberstein, Nancy Marksbury, Angela Narasimhan, April Higgins, Pete Bekisz

While many view social media participation as modern day navel-gazing, gossip, and chronicle of food consumption, some faculty embrace its utility as a participatory form of learning. With so many social media channels, each with its own culture, how does one begin? An overview of how social media figures in the Digital Studies minor is followed by examples others employ for class discussions, test preparation and highly creative interaction in content areas.

Navigating the Digital Information Ecosystem through the Lightner Library
Presented By: Hilda Mannato, Linda Park

Information literacy has taken on a new relevancy for all educators. Find out how we can help you and your students navigate the increasingly complex information ecosystem for research, scholarship, knowledge, and digital fluency. Whether you're new to the KC community or not, learn about Library resources and new services we offer to you and your students.

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