Center For Interfaith Engagement

No matter what your worldview, you'll find a welcoming community at Keuka College.

Keuka College is a diverse, welcoming, community that strives to build an interfaith culture on campus. We welcome all forms of religious, secular, and spiritual beliefs and practices. The Center for Interfaith Engagement strives to encourage conversations and build bridges of understanding between different worldviews. Whether you’re interested in attending weekly worship services, exploring your spirituality, or just need support and spiritual guidance from time to time, the Center for Interfaith Engagement is here to support you. The programs of the Center for Interfaith Engagement are supported by student directors and facilitators, under the supervision of the College Chaplain.

Our Program Opportunities

Know Your Neighbor is a weekly conversation that focuses on issues impacting the campus, the culture, and/or the world.

Celebrate is a weekly event to celebrate the religious holidays happening during the week with crafts and conversation. 

What in the world is a weekly program that explores some of life’s big questions through different spiritual pathways. 

Interfaith Facilitators provide weekly programs in residence halls to promote interfaith cooperation. Facilitators use crafts, food, games, and other activities to bring people together to build bridges of understanding.

Interfaith and the Silver Screen is a monthly program where we watch a movie together virtually using Teleparty. After watching the film, we use Microsoft Teams to have a post movie discussion.

ASB is a week of service, culture immersion, and interfaith interaction, led by the Center for Interfaith Engagement, that occurs during the College’s spring break. 

BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) is a weekly gathering for people who are looking for Christian community. BASIC is led by Wellspring Fellowship, a local church in Penn Yan.

The Finger Lakes region is home to many places of worship of all faiths and denominations, all of which warmly welcome Keuka College students. 

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