Living Learning Communities

Join a Living-Learning Community

At Keuka College, Living Learning Communities options allow you to live with and take classes with other first-year students who share your personal interests, passions or intended academic major. Imagine going to class with the same people you live with, socializing and exploring your interests with the same faculty and students in your classes, and gaining access to experts, mentors and peers who share your desire to learn, grow, and experience all that Keuka College has to offer.

When you reside in a Living Learning Community, you enjoy all the same amenities as other residential students, yet benefit from a unique, community-oriented living experience that bridges the academic, social and residential worlds. You'll have a direct connection to your classroom experience, access to special events and programs, and dedicated staff members who work to make the community a success.

Choose a Community That's Right For You

Each community is unique, but all are centered around a distinctive theme or academic interest area. Learn more about our newest communities, available for Fall 2020 new students, below.

Our Living Learning Communities option called "Relate" is designed for any first-year student, of any major (even undecided!) who wants to develop their personal leadership style, learn about themselves and about the relationships around them, and gain the critical thinking and research skills needed to be successful in their major.

Understanding the role relationships play in everything we do is important for translating academic concepts into practical application. As a member of our Relate community, you'll develop the skills to think about your major from a broader view and to explore the deeper issues and theories within your discipline. You’ll also:

  • Live in an exclusive wing of Space Hall with a small group of like-minded students who will become your support system, safety net, and tight-knit group of friends.
  • Take classes with other Relate students during your first year. We'll automatically enroll you in the course CFS/PSY 123: Human Development. With the added bonus of living together, you can do homework, collaborate on group projects, study, and engage in discussion from the comfort of Space Hall’s lounges and labs.
  • Gain unlimited access to your faculty expert - Dr. Nicholas Koberstein - who will join you frequently in Space Hall and around campus for activities, discussions, meals, and other social gatherings.
  • Partner with an upper-class student—your peer mentor—and see firsthand the types of projects and research opportunities that showcase the importance of close relationships.
  • Craft and execute a useful Field Period® experience, one that will help you pinpoint areas of interest and will solidify your future career plans.
  • Master the tools to answer the question, “but, how do we know?” for any concept in your major. Develop the critical thinking skills needed to dissect classroom concepts, work well in teams, write better papers, and engage in more substantive discussion with peers.

If you have a love for the outdoors and exploring all that our beautiful lakeside campus has to offer, we encourage you to apply to our Outdoor Adventure community. With our own scenic backdrop, miles of wooded area, and a Challenge Course featuring high and low elements, you're in an ideal setting to participate in, and lead, outdoor adventures. Not to mention the incredible fall foliage, breathtaking waterfalls and hiking trails available in the Finger Lakes region.

As a member of the Outdoor Adventure community, you'll enhance your leadership skills, outdoor acumen, and sense of adventure. You'll be challenged to learn and test your backpacking, boating, orienteering, and ropes course skills, and will focus on becoming a leader on campus. You'll also:

  • Live in an exclusive wing of Davis Hall with a group of students who enjoy the great outdoors as much as you do. Davis Hall is perfectly situated within walking distance of our Challenge Course, JMW Recreation & Athletics Center, and other campus adventures—putting you closer to the action!
  • Take classes with other Adventure students during your first year. We'll automatically enroll you in the course KC201: Learning Leadership Through the Outdoors
  • Gain unlimited access to your adventure expert - Dan Mackey - who will lead you on adventure outings, and plan special activities, trips, and other social gatherings.
  • Receive a $10 discount on all Outdoor Adventure programs and trips you sign up for throughout the year.
  • Receive a fee waiver for our Outdoor Adventure Facilitator Basics Training class (should you decide to pursue a Challenge Course Facilitator work-study position).

Our Gaming community brings together students who share a passion for casual and competitive gaming of any variety. Lovers of video games, board games, deck-building games, role-playing games, and the like, are welcome and encouraged to apply. Find commonality with each other as you play, strategize and plan gaming activities for each other, and for the campus community. You'll be given the freedom to develop and promote campus-wide gaming tournaments and events, introduce others to games that you personally enjoy, and travel to local gaming establishments and competitions. You'll also:

  • Live in an exclusive wing of Space Hall with a group of students who enjoy gaming in a variety of settings. You can utilize the spacious lounges and labs of Space Hall to play with each other whenever the mood strikes you!
  • Gain unlimited access to your gaming expert - an experienced upper-class student will help you organize and plan special gaming activities and trips, discover new games to play, discuss strategy, and much more.
  • Gain priority access to the College's gaming inventory, including top-rated titles - both new and old. You'll also have easy access to borrow games from fellow residents, and to share games from home that you love.
  • Gain priority registration for gaming tournaments and events hosted by the College, along with off-campus trips and other activities.

Our Living Learning Community (LLC) option is called, “Wellness PACK” and is designed for first-year students majoring in Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Social Work and Community Health & Wellness to develop a holistic lifestyle that balances physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

This community is one in which incoming Freshman students will be given the opportunity to live with one another while learning about wellness topics including, but not limited to, nutrition, meditation, mental health and stress reduction, sexuality, relationships, and other wellness topics related to rural health and wellness.

Women in Leadership Living Learning Community (LLC) is designed for first-year female students and will prioritize the development of collegiate women into empowered leaders who are prepared to make significant contributions to their communities. There will be robust dialogues to help members develop and identify personal leadership values, strengths, and skills for lifelong success. Members will have the opportunity to connect with inspirational women across campus on topics of struggles that women of color face, women in leadership roles and how they came to be, combating sexism in the workplace, and systemic discrimination against women.

The program will be housed in Saunders Hall, an all-female residence hall, and coordinated by Housing & Residence Life and guided by faculty member Dr. Jennie Joiner, chair of the Division Humanities & Fine Arts and associate professor of English, and Keuka College's 2017-18 Professor of the Year.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for one of our Living Learning Communities, you will be asked a series of questions when you complete your online Housing Application. Once you have been accepted to Keuka College and pay your enrollment deposit, you will be given access to your New Student Portal, where you can submit your Housing Application and other important forms.

What is the Deadline?

If you wish to be considered for a Living Learning Community for Fall 2020, you must submit your Housing Application by May 15, 2021. We'll let you know by June 1 of your acceptance.

Are There Additional Costs?

There are no additional room and board costs to participate in a Living Learning Community. However, some communities may require you to enroll in specific classes, or class sections, and may require a one-time programming or equipment fee.

Can I Select My Own Roommate?

If you find a roommate who is also interested in joining your desired Living Learning Community, you both must list each other on your Housing Application, and you both must apply to the same community. The Office of Housing and Residence life will then consider your pairing request.