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Adding a CAP to His Career

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Dr. Frank Colaprete has recently made Keuka College history. He is the first College faculty member to receive the Council for Accelerated Programs (CAP) Excellence in Teaching award.

Nominated for the award by Dr. Anne Killen, associate vice president for the Center for Professional Studies (CPS), the Excellence in Teaching award falls next to what Dr. Colaprete calls his most “heartfelt” recognition—he was named Keuka College’s 2016 Professor of the Year.

“Receiving the CAP Excellence in Teaching award is a profound honor for my cumulative work in the field of higher education,” says Dr. Colaprete, professor of criminal justice, who has served as a member of the criminal justice faculty since 2005. “I have placed an immense amount of effort in personal and professional development, and the refinement of my evidence-based practices. The bestowing of this prestigious award is the validation of the passion behind those efforts to excel in the field.”

Dr. Colaprete will receive the award at the annual CAP conference next month. As an advocate for accelerated and alternative formats to education, CAP provides access to higher learning to underserved learner populations, in particular working adults. It is an international association dedicated to serving professionals who lead, teach, and conduct research in accelerated programs in higher education.

According to Dr. Killen, this recognition is another way Keuka College and CPS “can affirm that we provide high quality programs and experiences for our off-campus students. Frank is a wonderful example of our faculty dedication to students and the mission of Keuka College.”

In fact, Dr. Killen sees Dr. Colaprete as a ‘go-to’ person for faculty, staff, and students within CPS, and that his most impressive aspect is the depth of dedication shown to his students.

“Frank truly inspires students to think differently, become life-long learners, and dedicated professionals,” she says. “He goes above and beyond to assist students in research, and pushes them beyond their comfort zone to realize their full potential. Many of our graduate students have elected to pursue doctoral degrees because of his positive influence and encouragement. To be recognized by an international organization is a sincere honor that pays tribute to the quality of our faculty at Keuka College.”

“I was an adult student throughout the pursuit of all my degrees and professional preparation,” says Dr. Colaprete. “Being a working professional, while working to complete several degree programs, I felt both the desire and need to return to the classroom to give others the advantages I was exposed to. The true joy I experience is being an integral part of the growth and development of others.”  

And that joy shows in the classroom and in curriculum design, according to Dr. Killen.

“He is personally responsible for the revision of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree program, building consistency and academic rigor to best align with program goals,” says Dr. Killen. “Most recently, Frank has been assisting with the undergraduate program revisions, taking the initiative to realign course content with programmatic goals and to redesign the undergraduate program pages.”

Added Dr. Killen: “As a team member, he is respected, demonstrates a willingness to explore new demands, and possesses the ability to produce quality outcomes. He is a visionary with a keen sense to quickly diagnose the root cause of problematic situations and influence positive change for his profession, his students and his peers.”

An honorary member of Keuka College’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, the National Honor Society for Nontraditional Students, Dr. Colaprete earned a Presidential Merit Award in 2011. 

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