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The Annual Haiti Benefit Auction is Focus of Next Community Luncheon Series

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Keuka College’s Community Luncheon Series will continue Wednesday, June 7 with an inside look into how the annual New York state Haiti Benefit Auction aims to bring relief to the hungry, sick, and homeless people of Haiti.

Our Mennonite neighbors will discuss the auction, and their firsthand experiences working with Haitians, at a noon luncheon in the College’s Geiser Dining Commons.

In the country of Haiti, almost 70 percent of its people do not have a regular job, the average wage is just $2.75 a day, and only 53 percent can read and write. Haiti has more than 430,000 orphans, and more than 10 percent of children there die before the age of five.

Moved with compassion, our Mennonite neighbors host a community service endeavor on an international scale. The 13th annual New York state Haiti Benefit Auction, set for June 16-17 at the Yates County Fairgrounds, is a cooperative between Mennonite churches and individuals with a goal of assisting those Haitians most in need.

Through sales of handmade quilts, crafts, baked goods, and more, the Mennonites across our region partner with sister communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and beyond doing the same to help their fellow man.  

Tickets for the lecture and luncheon are $15. Reservations may be made online, or send a completed form to the Office of Community Relations, Keuka College, 141 Central Avenue, Keuka Park, NY 14527. The reservation deadline is Monday, June 5.

For more information or questions, contact Kathy Waye, director of community relations and events, at (315) 279-5602, or [email protected].

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