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Author and Speaker Kelsey Timmerman 
Returns to Keuka College Oct. 17

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Many colleges and universities require first-year students to read a common book, and Keuka College is no exception. This semester, all freshmen are required to read Kelsey Timmerman’s book Where am I Giving? as part of their KC 101 class. 

Mr. Timmerman, a New York Times best-selling author and speaker, will mark his return to the Keuka College campus on Thursday, Oct. 17, having visited last year to discuss his first book, Where Am I Wearing? Mr. Timmerman is also the author of Where am I Eating?

Where Am I Giving? chronicles individuals and organizations that are reshaping their communities for the good, particularly communities in poverty.

“The KC 101 instructors thought that the message of service, as well as giving of your time and other resources, connected well with the ethos of the Keuka College community, and could get freshmen students thinking about ways to get involved,” says Dr. Peter Kozik, associate professor of education. 

During his Oct. 17 visit, Mr. Timmerman will meet with freshmen in separate groups, from 9:20-10:45 a.m., 10:55 a.m.-12:10 p.m., 12:20-1:30 p.m., and 1:35-3 p.m. in Norton Chapel; and from 4:45-6 p.m. in Hegeman Hall 109. He’ll mix talking about the book with Q&As from the freshman classes. While freshman participation is required, all other College students are welcome to attend.

“Kelsey is a very engaging, thoughtful, and committed writer and teacher,” says Dr. Kozik. “He himself works at the local level in his community in Indiana to improve the life and education of his neighbors.” 

A champion of global thinking and local action, Mr. Timmerman is an acclaimed public speaker, and has lectured on travel and globalization around the world. He is particularly passionate about educating students through humor and storytelling, and encourages them to think globally and act locally. 

“His efforts at learning about the world through traveling and chronicling the stories of people on the ground matches well the experiential learning model upon which much of a Keuka College education rests,” says Dr. Kozik. “I hope students will discover for themselves that if you have an idea that inspires your passion, run with it.”

KC 101 introduces first-year students to Keuka College’s signature emphasis on experiential education, integrated learning, and rigorous academic study.

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