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Keuka College’s Field Period® is topic of next Lecture by the Lake

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Keuka College’s Lecture by the Lake Series continues Tuesday, Aug. 22, as Ann Tuttle, chair of the Division of Business and Management and professor of management, describes how the College’s signature program, Field Period®, serves as a catalyst to student transformation.

Free and open to the public, “Experiential Learning From the Inside Out: Student Transformations” will begin at 5 p.m. in the lower level of Lightner Library.

Prof. Tuttle will relate her more than 20 years’ experience in approving, evaluating and, in some cases, attending student Field Period® experiences.

Keuka College’s Field Period® program offers more than what could be gained by a traditional internship. Each year, every student embarks on a self-designed experience to explore and fine-tune their interests, try new fields, or test career paths.

Prof. Tuttle has a unique insight into the College’s Field Period® program, and will highlight the student maturity and development she has witnessed first hand. She will also articulate the importance of Field Period® in shaping students’ lives, developing careers, and expanding cultural understanding—not just earning credits.

By volunteering to help build houses in Costa Rica, or learning from someone who will become your supervisor; from walking in the steps of relatives who fought in World War II, to talking with other college students and learning you aren’t that different, Field Period® gives Keuka College students the chance to gain real-world skills while still in college.

Consistently praised by students and peers for her direct interaction with students, Prof. Tuttle has a well-deserved reputation for integrating practical necessities of the workplace into the academic environment of college. This led to her being named Keuka College’s 2007 Professor of the Year.

Keuka College’s Lecture by the Lake series is designed for community members to learn about topics of regional interest from some of the College’s most revered subject-matter experts.

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