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Keuka College Art Show Features the Talent of Its Students

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Keuka College students will show their artistic talent in paint, drawing, photography, and more in the College’s annual student art show.

The show runs from March 13-April 9 in Lightner Library’s Art Gallery. An artists’ reception with light refreshments is set for Thursday, March 23 from 4:30-6 p.m. in Lighter Gallery. It is free and open to the public. Student art will also be for sale.

Among the 23 exhibitors is senior Tiffany Manning, for whom a picture really is worth 1,000 words. She finds that art gives her the ability to tell her story and share her experiences in a visual, non-verbal way.

“I love when I can tell a story about the places I have been, and want to go, without having to say a word,” she says. “I feel like I can also express my feelings and emotions in a positive way through my art.”

And Tiffany likes to tell her stories though painting, her favorite way to create art.

“I believe paint is a very versatile medium,” she says. “There are so many different techniques that I can use to produce different ideas. My favorite piece in the show is called ‘The Freedom of Flight.’ I hope people coming to the show just enjoy my piece, and create their own opinion.”

Senior Brannon McClendon finds his art is influenced by what he sees in movies or video games.

“Sometimes the easy access of digital media can become a crutch if one allows it to,” says Brannon, whose goal is always originality.

“Drawing gives me the opportunity to make a thought tangible in a way that does not have to rely solely upon functionality,” he says. “Most of my best ideas simply come to me while I am either doing something repetitive or dreaming. A blank canvas or a white sheet of paper could be anything at any given moment, and I find that exciting.”

He adds that drawing has always been his favorite outlet for creativity because most of the time, it only requires a pencil, paper, and not much space. Art also allows Brannon to create things that are the makings of legends.

“After some consideration, I am finally willing to submit my 30” x 40” painting of a fire-breathing dragon,” says Brannon. “It will, of course, be my favorite. I hope that people will be able to see that I harbor an appreciation for both detail and fantasy.”

What senior Aly Rodriguez enjoys most about art is that she can express herself in a variety of ways, either by painting, drawing, or her preferred medium, photography.

“I believe that every piece of art has a story to tell—one that tells you more about the artist,” says Aly. “I can find inspiration in pretty much anything, especially in the outdoors. I am an avid hiker, and I enjoy capturing photographs of different landscape settings, like mountains, waterfalls, roads, or trees.”

 That’s why she’s never far from her digital camera.

“I can control so much of how I want my photography to come out,” Aly says of digital photography. “My favorite pieces in the show have to be my reflection photographs. I absolutely love reflections, especially through water, and being able to capture such vivid reflections is incredible. I hope those attending the show see all of the hard work and dedication I put into capturing my landscapes.”

Freshman Ayrielle Zeno enjoyscreating art because she is able to relax, and express how she feels.

“I find inspiration in nature,” she says, adding that she enjoys many aspects of art, including ceramics, photography, and drawing, among other mediums.

Her favorite piece featured in the show is presented in 3D, and she “hopes people see the creativity and hard work I put into it.”  

And while Aly and Ayrielle find inspiration in nature, junior Jadine Buddingh is influenced by animals, particularly horses, which she says are her pride and joy.

“Horses inspire me to create new pieces all the time,” says Jadine. “But I also find inspiration in my everyday life, and I base my artwork off of my emotions and life experiences.”

And for Jadine, art is anything she can imagine because “if you can think it, you can do it. There are no rules or restrictions—I like how I can do whatever I want. It is completely open to my imagination.” 

And like Tiffany, Jadine’s preferred medium is paint, particularly quick-drying acrylic paint, which is easy to use in multiple ways. 

One of Jadine’s entries for the student show is a six-foot portrait of herself with her boyfriend.

“I like how personal it is to my life, and how I was able to express both of our emotions in the painting,” says Jadine. “I hope people see it and relate it back to their lives and their love life. I want them to look at this painting and think of their significant other in the same way I portrayed my portrait.”

Other students participating in the show include seniors Marquis Patterson, Emily Radler, Kathyrn Morgan, Sabrina Andovett, Courtney Knauber, Taylor Peets, and Harley Carter; juniors Emma Barden, Abigail Oderman, and Chelsea Cooper; sophomores Travis Krupinski, Oreanna Fields, Darian Staufer, and Julia Sprague; and freshmen Arianna Brown, Connor Siracusa, Samantha Laranjo, and Hallie Albrecht.

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