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Keuka College Students use Field Period® to Brighten Hospital Walls

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Two of the murals painted by Mary Glaccum ’21, Ashley Knapp ’20, Ayrielle Zeno ’19, and Associate Professor of Art Melissa Newcomb, grace the walls of stairwells at F.F. Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua. Standing in front of one of the murals, Ashley (left) and Ayrielle show off their handiwork. (photos submitted)

Stairways can be plain and lackluster. But not at F. F. Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua, where in several stairwells now have brightly colored murals of Canandaigua Lake painted on the walls.

Three Keuka College art and design majors, Mary Glaccum ’21, Ashley Knapp ’20, and Ayrielle Zeno ’19, recently completed a Field Period® experience creating and painting the murals.

Under the guidance of Associate Professor of Art Melissa Newcomb, the students created murals—depicting the lakeshore, docks, and sunsets—designed to encourage wellness by enticing people to take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

The murals are set to be completed by mid-July.

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