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Live, From Watertown, it’s Keuka College’s Jeff Jackson

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If you haven’t yet met Keuka College Admissions Counselor Jeff Jackson, you could drive over to his North Country territory and schedule a visit. Or you could tune in to Watertown television station WPBS the evening of May 1. That’s the night Jeff will serve as a guest auctioneer during the annual WPBS All Star Auction.

The three-hour broadcast (available online at will give Jeff a chance to introduce himself to his new territory while – more importantly – introducing viewers to Keuka College’s Adult and Online Education (AOE) programs.

Jeff, who joined the College in March as an AOE Admissions Counselor for the North Country, Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown, says being creative when it comes to getting word out about the College’s adult education opportunities “is big.”

“I’m looking for as many ways as possible to really push our message to the forefront,” says the 1999 University of Rochester graduate. “Either through passive routes, like social media, or more active routes.”

It doesn’t get more active than live TV.

And Jeff, who has neither auctioneering nor broadcast experience, says he is nonetheless eager to share the Keuka College story.

“I do have quite a bit of experience doing presentations,” says Jeff, who also brings sales and management expertise to his new role. “I’m going to focus on that. I’ll be ready to do a two- to five-minute presentation. The rest, hopefully, will fall into place.”

It’s not like television is entirely foreign, he says.

“I’ve done interviews on TV,” Jeff says. “And people say I’ve got a good ‘TV name.’”

Jeff was tapped as one of the evening's four fund-drive auctioneers through the College’s partnership with Jefferson Community College in Watertown. Keuka College bases a popular Bachelor’s of Social Work cohort from the campus – and Jeff is looking to increase the offerings. He’ll use part of his TV time to make his case.

“My thought process would be to talk about the major portion of how our program works,” he says. “To talk about, specifically, how there’s a great opportunity for Criminal Justice and Nursing programs to start there. It’s a great opportunity for continuation of your career. And it allows you to have success, not just academically but in other areas of your life as well.”

Moving forward, Jeff says, he’ll seek out other novel ways to form strong partnerships in the region that make the most of the College’s robust AOE disciplines.

“Take Organizational Management,” he says. “Potentially every larger hospital group would have a need – health care organizations, nursing homes. They’re going to need to keep developing their people. I want to build a partnership with them, so that the first they think of is, ‘Hey. There’s Keuka College!’

“I want us to continue to keep a strong base in Social Work while growing Organizational Management and Nursing – those are the top priorities.”







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