Registrar FAQs

How can I obtain an Enrollment Verification?

As a current student you can print out your own enrollment verification by going to: KC Portal | KC Self Service | Enrollment Verifications | Add New Request (Select Advanced Enrollment for future terms)

If you have a verification form certified that you need filled out, please bring it to the Registrar office.

What should I do with my loan deferment forms?

Fill out the student portion and bring the form to the Registrar's Office. We will fill out the rest and send it on as requested.

How is my registration day determined?

OnCampus students day of registration is determined by your class level (cumulative credits, not including what is in progress) and athletic status.

  • Day 1:   Athletes and Seniors  (85 credits and above)
  • Day 2:   Juniors (55-84 credits)
  • Day 3:   Sophomores (24-54 credits)
  • Day 4:   Freshmen (<24 credits)

I can't register because I have a hold.  What should I do?

There are 3 types of holds that prevent you from registering:

  • ADV Advising Hold:  See your advisor who will have the hold lifted
  • SA  Student Accounts:    Visit the Student Accounts office to resolve your bill
  • FA  Financial Aid:   Visit the Financial Aid office to understand what you need to do to complete your financial aid paperwork

How do I know what classes I need to register for?

OnCampus students have at least 2 advisors: major and student success. Both advisors can help you understand your degree audit and what classes you need to take and what term you should take them in. You can also review your degree audit (also known as My Progress) by going to: KC Portal | KC Self Service | Student Planning | My Progress, to see what you still have left to take.

How many credits do I need to be considered a full time student?

A student needs 12 credits to be considered a full time undergraduate.  Full time status is required for Financial Aid.

What is the difference between Add/Drop/Withdraw a course and timelines?

  • Day 1 - Day 6 of a term: you can add or drop a class by yourself through the KC Portal | KC Self Service.
  • Day 7 through roughly Week 8: you can fill out a (add/drop/withdraw) form and withdraw from a course with the grade of W. The form must be signed and handed in to the Registrar's office. W's do not count against your GPA but do show up on your transcript.
  • After Week 8: you can no longer withdraw from a course.

How can I get credit for courses I took at another college?

You must request an Official transcript from that college to be sent directly to Keuka College Registrar's office.  Once we receive the transcript we will evaluate what will transfer.  We accept:

  • Transcripts sent via secure email from another college (or college transcript vendor)
  • Paper transcripts from the other college in a sealed college envelope.  We do NOT accept paper transcripts that have been previously opened.

How do I know if my credits will transfer?

Transfer information can be found on our Keuka College Record.

How can I get my unofficial transcript if I am a current Keuka College Student?

You can review and print your unofficial transcript by going to: KC Portal | KC Self Service | Academics |Unofficial Transcript

Can I get an unofficial transcript if I’m no longer an active Keuka College student?

No. Unofficial transcripts are generated from the KC Portal for active students only. If you are no longer an active student, all transcripts can be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse at

I took college classes (or AP, IB) in High School, how do I get them to transfer?

You must request an Official transcript from the college (or College Board (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB))that you received the credit from. Note: we will not transfer credit from your high school transcript.

How do I find out if classes are cancelled?

How can I look at my grades?

  • ​Grades are not sent home. Your official grades can be viewed on the KC Portal | KC Self Service | Grades
  • Grades are due to be posted 6 days after the exam date or the last class meeting if no exam is held

What Grade Point Average do I need to make the Deans List?

Undergraduate students must have a term GPA of 3.5 or above.   Letters are sent to the address on file. 

Where do I buy books?

Books can be

  • Purchased at the Keuka College Bookstore 
  • Rented at the Keuka College Bookstore
  • Purchased anywhere using the ISBN number...where do I find?

How can I see my schedule?

You can see your schedule by going to: KC Portal | KC Self-Service | Student Planning

How can I change my address?

There are 3 ways to change your address:

  • Fill out a change of address form located on the Registrar's website
  • e-mail [email protected] with the new address
  • KC Self-Service (KC Portal | KC Self-Service | User Options | User Profile) where you can change your address online

How can I change my name?

  • Fill out a name change form and submit it to the Registrar's Office with a copy of at least one piece of legal documentation (drivers license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc)
  • e-mail [email protected] with a copy of at least one piece of legal documentation (drivers license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc)

How can I change my major or add a minor?

Fill out an Academic Program Change form located on the Registrar's website and submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office.

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that protects the privacy of student education records. 

Can my parents have access to my grades or other student record information?

In order for your parents or anyone else to have access to your information you must fill out a FERPA waiver.

How can I view my current FERPA form?

Your previously submitted FERPA form will show you the data you submitted in Red.  To update the information, add new information and save.

Can the College disclose my student record without my permissions?

Only directory information can be released without a signed consent form or a FERPA waiver.   

How do I apply for the commencement ceremony?

Click the "Apply for Commencement" button at the top of the KC Portal main page.

When do I apply for commencement ceremony?

See the Academic Calendar for dates

If I participate in commencement does that mean I graduated?

Not necessarily.  You may participate in commencement if you are within 15 credits of completing your program. You will be conferred when you have met all of your degree requirements.

How many credits do I need to graduate?

A minimum of 120 credits is required to graduate, however, your program and individual situation may require more. Use your program evaluation to check the status of your credits earned.

How many Field Periods are required to graduate?

You must complete a Field Period for every 30 Keuka College credits required for your program.

When will I get my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 4-6 weeks after you are conferred.

What grade point average (GPA) do I need to graduate?

A minimum of a 2.0, however, check your Program evaluation, each program has it's own GPA requirements.

What if I don’t attend commencement, how will I receive my diploma?

If you do not attend the commencement ceremony your diploma will be mailed to the address that we have on file, 4-6 weeks after you have completed your degree requirements.

Does my major show on my diploma?

Your major will not show if you're receiving a Bachelor's Degree. Your major will show if you're receiving a Master's Degree.

Can I graduate in December?

Conferrals are done monthly depending on program completion, however, there is only one commencement ceremony in May.

Where can I find out what my degree requirements are?

YYour degree requirements can be found on your Program Evaluation. KC Portal | KC Self Service | Student Planning | My Progress

How do I read a program evaluation?

You can meet with your advisor or success advisor to get help reading your program evaluation.  You can also visit the Registrar's Office.  The 3 key status are as follows:

  • In-Progress: You are currently enrolled, but you have degree requirements that have not yet been attempted. Review all sections In-Progress below.
  • Pending Anticipated Complete: Upon successful completion of all registered and pre-registered coursework now showing, your degree requirements will be done.
  • Complete: Congratulations! Your degree requirements are FINISHED, and you are DONE! Degrees are generally conferred at the end of every month.

How often should I review my program evaluation?

You should review your program evaluation at least once per term, to make sure you are on track!

Can I receive my grades by telephone?

No. Because we are unable to verify the identity of any caller beyond a reasonable doubt, grades are not released by telephone to protect the student's right to privacy.

I want to withdraw from the College. What do I have to do?

Meet with your Student Success Advisor to discuss withdraw options.


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