Transfer Credit Process

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To view course equivalents choose Transferology or Collegesource TES.

How Transfer Credits are Accepted

Transfer credits are accepted from regionally accredited post-secondary U.S. institutions. Credit from foreign institutions require an evaluation (WES or ECE), proprietary colleges, and other sources are evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Normally, credit is accepted only for those courses that are completed with a grade of C or higher. Grades of P, S, and CR earned in credit-bearing courses are normally not accepted.

The number of credits accepted toward matriculation and the number of credits a transfer student will need to complete all graduation requirements varies depending on a student’s curriculum at his or her previous institution(s) and the major program the student selects at Keuka College.

Keuka College’s course equivalency link lists commonly transferred courses to Keuka College from other institutions. This list isn't complete and does not guarantee a specific course can transfer. For courses not shown, please send questions to [email protected]. Students must complete a transfer credit form and obtain permission before taking a course at another institution. It is best for students to work with their advisor or a division contact to review your transfer credit plan and obtain signatures on the transfer credit form.

Review of College Credits

Keuka College is a member of the College Source Transferology Tool. Select transferology to review what transfer options you have when considering Keuka College.

Courses/credits Keuka College accepts are reviewed, selecting the course equivalency link to determine the courses accepted for transfer. Once they are evaluated, the student will receive an email with feedback showing accepted courses. A transfer student follows the academic regulations that pertain to the class in which (s)he has been placed.

Transfer credits for courses taken more than five years prior to a student’s enrollment will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Because the rate of change in some areas of knowledge is so great, relatively outdated course work may no longer provide the necessary background to begin more advanced study and may hinder a student’s success and professional preparation. A student may therefore have to repeat some courses at the discretion of the appropriate faculty and administrators.

Grades earned at other institutions are not included in the calculation of a student’s Keuka College grade-point-average(GPA). (Note: All college-level course work is used in calculating degrees with distinction. Please refer to that section of the Keuka College Record).

Prerequisite Courses

Each transfer student must complete all prerequisite courses in his/her Keuka College major and, as specified, earn the appropriate minimum grade in each course. In cases in which a student repeats a course at Keuka College in order to earn the minimum grade in a prerequisite course, the College does not grant credit for the repeated course. However, the grade for the repeated course will be calculated into the student’s cumulative Keuka College GPA. The same policy applies in cases in which the College requires a student to repeat a class taken elsewhere because the material covered in the original course is considered outdated.

Maximum Number of Transferable Credits for all Program Types

• Four-year college or university: 90
• Two-year college: 72
• Proprietary colleges: 30
• Other: 18*

*Includes non-college credit course work approved by ACE of PONSI, advanced placement tests such as CLEP, International Baccalaureate, or AP exams, and Keuka College challenge or exemption exams. Additional credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Transfer Application Process

Students interested in transferring to Keuka College should consult with their academic advisor and a transfer counselor as early as possible and contact Keuka College’s admissions office for help and information. Effective planning maximizes the number of credits a student will be able to transfer and apply toward graduation requirements at Keuka College.

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