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Like much of the rest of campus life, classes will look a little different when we return.

  • Classroom space has been modified to promote the health and safety of students and faculty. Socially distanced seating, Plexiglas-like partitions, and hand-sanitizer stations will make for new and safe surroundings.
  • Students will be asked to wipe down their own work areas before and after class, and everyone will be required to wear face-coverings.
  • The need for effective social distancing means that classes will be a little different this semester, with on-campus courses being taught in a variety of formats. Some courses will be taught as traditional face-to-face (f2f) classes, some will be in a hybrid format (partial f2f, partial asynchronous online), while others will be fully online. Students can expect to take courses in a combination of these formats, and each student’s mix will be based on their set of needed courses. Courses are not taught in every format; therefore, the College cannot grant or guarantee an online-only (or f2f-only) set of courses that may be needed for a particular student’s schedule.
  • All Adult and Online Education (AOE) cohorts, both new and returning, will start the Fall semester in a fully online format with the exception of those cohorts that meet on our campus in Keuka Park. In that case, your instructor will be in touch with additional information regarding class format. New AOE students will also have one required part face-to-face, part hybrid course at our Keuka Park campus.
  • Class times and locations may have changed from when you initially registered, so please carefully review your schedule.
  • In order to promote social distancing, you may have class in a non-conventional space (e.g., Norton Chapel, the RAC) this semester.
  • In addition, should a student be required to isolate or quarantine, they will need to be prepared to adopt remote instruction during that period. So all students are urged to be prepared for increased use of Moodle and other electronic resources.

The bottom line is, it’s impossible to know what challenges may appear over the course of the semester and all of us – students, faculty, staff, and the greater College community – need to be flexible and nimble in our preparations and responses.

Whatever the challenges, however, they won’t diminish the College’s high-quality of education. Faculty members have prepared in-class and online curricula for all courses, ensuring that the level of instruction will be rigorous, consistent, and complete.