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Guests & Visitors

  • Campus visitors are not allowed during the pandemic unless their presence aligns with the educational or operational mission of the College. 
  • All approved campus visitors must first report to the Office of Campus Safety and are subject to the Health Screening Process.
  • The Campus will be closed to the general public for walking, using the Library, or any purpose other than by invitation for official business.
  • Students may not have off-campus guests, including family members, in their residence halls.

Residence Life Guest Policy

  • Only Residents are allowed in on-campus housing.
  • Non-Residents are prohibited from entering on-campus housing.
  • Resident students will be allowed one resident guest each during non-quiet hours. When quiet hours are in effect, no visitors should remain in residence halls. Quiet Hours:
  • Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m.-9 a.m.
  • Friday and Saturday, 2 a.m.-noon 
  • No overnight guests will be permitted.
  • Parents or other off-campus visitors picking up students should make arrangements for the student to meet them at their car.
  • Residents are defined as individuals with signed Housing Agreements who are currently living in College housing. Non-Residents are defined as individuals without signed Housing Agreements who are currently not living in College housing.