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Keuka College COVID-19 Student Off-Campus Travel Policy

Students should remain on campus as much as possible. Students are advised that travel off-campus greatly increases the risk of COVID-19 infection and places us all at risk. Students are not permitted to travel back and forth between their hometowns and campus except under extreme need. Students who travel for reasons other than those listed below are in direct violation of the Student Code of Conduct which may lead to suspension or dismissal from the College. Extreme need may include, but is not limited to:

  • Off-campus job essential for income or future employment
  • Family emergency
  • Doctors visits or other medical needs
  • Religious or spiritual obligation
  • Mental health care 
  • Academic related (i.e., Field Period® or practicum)

Unacceptable Travel

Keuka College may determine, after a thorough review of the available facts, that a student’s request for leaving campus may pose an untenable risk to the rest of the campus community. 

Examples of such requests to leave campus could include but are not limited to:

1. to attend a mass event of any kind;

2. to visit others who are ill with COVID-19;

3. to work in a health-related facility or some other site with possible exposure to patients with COVID-19;

4. to work in any other employment or engage in any social activity that is determined to be high risk for exposure to COVID-19;

 5. to engage in any activity that is disallowed under New York State order.

Keuka College will be monitoring all requests, along with all reports from the campus community that bring attention to the conduct of any student that is of concern. Accordingly, students may be notified that their request is denied, they may be required to report for testing and quarantine, they may be subject to enhanced surveillance testing, and they may be subject to a disciplinary process.

Travel Forms

All students who will be traveling to or from a job or field placement and those staying off-campus for more than 24 hours must complete the Student Off-Campus Travel Form at least two business days prior to their departure. Completing this form will ensure that the College is aware of your travel. Students are not permitted to travel to non-contiguous states in the United States or any international countries under any circumstances unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students. 

Any travel requests must be made by completing the travel form at least five days prior to the desired travel date and awaiting approval from the Dean of Students.

Off-Campus Employment

If you have an off-campus job with a regular schedule, please indicate that on the form and, if you are able to provide a copy of your work schedule from your employer and/or letter from your employer on company letterhead, you will not need to complete this form for every shift. In the absence of a work schedule provided by an employer, students will be asked to fill out a form weekly to update the College on their travel schedule.

While traveling off-campus for one of the above extreme needs, you are only approved to engage in that particular event or appointment. Please note that all Keuka College COVID-19 restrictions and policies related to social gatherings and appropriate safety measures remain in effect. Students who fail to comply with this process may be subject to mandatory quarantine and COVID-19 testing. They may also be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct -- which may lead to suspension or dismissal from the College.