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Keuka College ‘Was One of the Greatest Decisions I ever Made for Myself’

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Stephanie Patrick ’16 M'19 shows off her Keuka College diploma. (Photo provided)

Stephanie Patrick ’16 M'19 describes herself as “a late bloomer.” For years, she worked in her own business, running a salon. “But I had no health benefits, no vacation,” she says. “I had to work nights and weekends.” Her husband had his bachelor’s degree so, “I could see the opportunities that came with having a degree.”

Stephanie took a leap of faith in herself — she signed up for the BS in Management AOE program. “It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made for myself.”

In fact, “The AOE program really changed my life,” she says. “It made me set time aside for myself, and get back into learning. Having class one day a week in the classroom helped me with things like prioritizing my time.”

She had such a good experience in her BS program, she signed on for the AOE master’s in Management (MSM) program one year later, graduating this past May.

As she got to know those in her cohorts, Stephanie appreciated what her classmates contributed from their own experiences in the workforce.

“I learned a lot about myself, in my development and growth from a business owner to a professional,” she says.

Today, Stephanie is an operations manager for a healthcare facility.

“When I first started my bachelor’s program, I didn’t envision where I am today,” Stephanie says. “I’ve received promotions. I can’t say enough about the AOE program. It exceeded my expectations.”

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