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Keuka College put Jackie Kerling ’15 on the Road to Success

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Life can take you down many roads before you find your true path. For Jackie Kerling ’15, the road took her all the way to California and back to New York before she found her calling. 

Jackie joined the Fayetteville Fire Department, where she became an EMT. Emergency medicine affected her profoundly. 

“It’s knowing you hold someone’s life in your hands,” she says. 

Fresh from earning her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Keuka College, Jackie became part of the inaugural class of students in the College’s nurse practitioner program—the only program of its type in the region. 

“It’s incomparable to any other program I’ve done,” Jackie says. “No one will ever let you down. The instructors always give you a rope to hang on to. They keep in touch, they’re accessible, they’re human, and they’re interested in their students.” 

In fact, she says, the instructors had her so well prepared, she “blew through” her board-certification program. 

Jackie’s road has led her to working in cardiac rehab. A degree grounded in experiential learning “catapults you forward in your work,” she says. “It’s what makes Keuka College unique.” 


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