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Keuka College Took Dan Carlson M’14 from Policing to Teaching

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Dan Carlson poses with his wife, Susan, following his graduation. (Photo provided)


Dan Carlson M'14 joined the Rochester Police Department in 1992 and, for the next 16 years, he worked the night shift in some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods. During that time, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and became a weapons instructor at the Public Safety Training Center at Monroe Community College. But he wanted to do more in his career.

That’s when Dan turned to Keuka College.

With three sons headed to college, “I realized I couldn’t be a police officer forever,” Dan says.

He and his wife had a serious conversation about the future. He liked teaching.

“I felt like I needed a master’s to teach at the college level,” he says.

Dan liked Keuka College’s AOE program and its flexibility, with a convenient schedule and one classroom night a week. He knew other officers who’d been through the Criminal Justice program, and discussed it with Keuka College instructors Rich Martin and Frank Colaprete.

“Keuka College brings in excellent instructors – all experts in their field,” he says.

In 2014, Dan received his master’s in Criminal Justice Administration from Keuka College.

“Having a master’s degree is important today in competing for a promotion,” he says.

Four years later, he retired from the RPD and became Program Coordinator for Law Enforcement Programs at Monroe Community – a highly sought-after position.

“It's perfect,” Dan says of his position. “I’m still close to the law enforcement world, but I also teach, do my own research, and I’m able to inspire others to make their situation better.”

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