Norton Chapel, the spiritual center of Keuka College, is falling increasingly into disrepair. Inside and out, there are areas of not simply deterioration, but decay. Crumbling stairs, a listing retaining wall, and a roof badly in need of repair reflect poorly on an institution that welcomes and encourages religious and spiritual diversity.


A Chapel that once again reflects the premium the College places on spiritual development, serving as a house of worship and solace for the entire College community, and the continued site of more than 800 events a year – academic, cultural, and spiritual.

What You Can Do

  • You can invest in a renovation plan that will reverse structural deterioration, and modernize infrastructure to enhance safety, accessibility, and operational efficiency.
  • You can boost the College’s recruitment and retention efforts by allowing it to actively appeal to the two-thirds of prospective students who describe themselves as spiritually minded.
  • You can increase the Chapel’s appeal as a setting for weddings and other appropriate, non-academic functions.
  • You can ensure the Chapel is able to continue to serve the spiritual needs of the College community for decades to come.