Digital Learning Center for Excellence

Digital Learning

What if the only people who learned to read and write were English majors? That’s the state of computing in higher education today—most people outside the technology fields don’t understand how computers truly work. That means science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines are largely seen as separate from the liberal arts. A good education should include both liberal arts and technical competencies.


A Center for Excellence—the Institute for Digital Education and Learning (IDEaL)—which will infuse and integrate knowledge of digital technologies throughout our liberal arts–based curricula.

What You Can Do

  • You can ensure that all students, regardless of major, are exposed to an understanding of digital technologies within their disciplines of specialization, thus affording them the opportunity to develop and apply core computational knowledge and skills.
  • You can provide a platform for “computer people” to partner with those trained in the liberal arts and sciences, resulting in world-changing innovation.
  • You can create a permanent space where faculty and students can turn for expert guidance, training, and counseling. You can help change the face of our curriculum as [email protected] is implemented.
  • You can change the face of our curriculum by helping create the master of science in digital studies program.

Make a Gift to Digital Learning