Employee Giving

We Believe

As faculty and staff members of Keuka College, We Believe in the personal and professional opportunities afforded by the College. We know all that goes into a Keuka College education and all that our graduates get out of it. And we embrace our vital role as important contributors to the life-changing experiences that Keuka College provides. We commit to sharing not only time and talent in our areas of expertise, but enthusiasm and support for the broader College mission of creating exemplary citizens and leaders to serve the nation and the world. We join in this important work because We Believe in Keuka College!

Keuka College’s first 125 years were marked by innovation, growth, and success. The College embarks on its next 125 with an unprecedented campaign equal to its record, reputation, and vision. The Next 125: The Comprehensive Campaign for Keuka College is intended to ensure the future of the College while creating the next generation of leaders. That means improving facilities, expanding technologies, and nurturing talent.

Making a Difference

Support for the Faculty/Staff Campaign is not just a vote of confidence in the College, it is an investment in the futures of hundreds of students. And a little goes such a long way:

  • Your annual pledge of $400 could help to purchase new athletic supplies for our men’s and women’s soccer teams for one year.
  • Your annual pledge of $250 – a commitment of less than $10 per pay period via payroll deduction – could provide a semester’s worth of books to one scholarship recipient.
  • Your monthly payroll deduction of $5 per pay period could support necessary measures that keep our campus running day-to-day, such as snow removal, security, and building maintenance.

It all adds up to providing a quality education that has propelled thousands of graduates into local communities and careers, where they have educated the young, comforted the ailing, protected the public, and created new businesses.

How to Show Your Support