Campaign Honor Roll

Gifts received between June 13, 2013 and November 30, 2017. 


Dr. Barbara Schaefer '61 and David Allardice
Prof. Jorge L. Diaz-Herrera, Ph. D.
The late Evelyn Z. Diehl '51
Juanita Rotz Hawkins '67
Dr. Esther Carter Yoder '60

$500,000 - $999,999

William and Rosemarie von Harten Ameen '75
Frank and Maureen Chiaino
William and Patricia Brearton Munoff '66
Dr. Audrey S. and Arthur Wolcott

$250,000 - $499,999

The late Muriel Brownlie '53
Dr. Carolyn M. Klinge '79 and Rev. Elizabeth A. Beckhusen
Dr. BettyLou Koffel '74 and Philip Moyer
John and Katherene Tuttle Meisch '58
Robert Schick
Donald and L. Christine Wertman
Dr. Ralph and Katharine Foote Wilhelm '67

$100,000 - $249,999

George and Frances Ball Foundation
Linda Vollbracht Bauch '67
Booth Ferris Foundation
Drs. Joseph G. and Diane M. Burke
Dr. Pi-Hua Joanna Chen
Chlitina Group
Brenda Colthart '69
Dr. Crystal J. Gips '65
William and Rhonda Goodrich
Jill S. Gregory '82
The late Margaret Hartwell '55
Jephson Educational Trust #1
Jephson Educational Trust #2
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Dr. Arthur Jr. and Patricia Keller
Kathie A. Keller '78
The late Nydia Ananenko Kuck '41
Lynn J. Lannon '69
The late Barbara Lewis '52
Gordon and Barbara MacNeill
Jill E. Martin '77
The late Sharon McElrath '74
Karen Meriwether and Thomas Snow
Martin and Maureen Palumbos
Nancy Riker '69
The late Doris Slocum Stalnaker '44
Cheryl Lee '80 and Steven Swartout
Margo Whittaker '61
Bebette E. Yunis and Kristen DeLuca

$50,000 - $99,999

Dr. William Y. Au '51
Marilyn J. Gray Baader '63
Marjorie Rose Becker '44
Lynn M. Ewanow '75 and Laurence Clement Jr.
Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc.
Dorothy Lichtenberg DeHart '73
Martha and Mark Dieter
Fred L. Emerson Foundation
Keith H. and Rita Fagan
William and Sondra Woodmancy Fox '59
Daniel '90 and Diane Gale
George I. Alden Trust
The Arthur P. Keller Family Foundation
Keller Technology Corp.
Arthur and Beverly Kirk
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.
Janet Lundstrom '70
Cynthia Stetson McGeoch '71
CDR Barbara E. Miller, NC USN RET D.H.L. '56
The late Martha Montooth
Rev. Charles and Dorisanne Weimert '51 Osborn
The late C. Diehl and the late Lou Hays Ott '52
Gene Pierce
Rev. George and Barbara Wade Price '63
Lawrence and the late Virginia Tyler Rockwell '52
Bill Turner in memory of Cheryl Turner '63/'04
Kirk and Barbara Vieselmeyer
Rev. Anne Barden Waasdorp

$25,000 - $49,999

Dr. Suzanne Schlicht Aquilina '72 and Alan Aquilina
Drs. Gary and Melissa Moore Brown '72
Rev. Elizabeth Conklin '65 and David Bueschel
Taylor and Linda Bauman Fitch '69
Luanne Broomhall Graulich '90 and Terry Channing
W. Lawrence and Winifred Frazee Gulick '51
Benjamin and Karen Hoyle
Lyons National Bank
J. M. McDonald Foundation
Janice Adams Miller '52
Ellen Edwards Mushinski '68
Aqua Y. Porter
Chaplain, Maj. Gen. Lorraine Potter '68, USAF (Ret). and Col. Robert Saunders, U.S. Army (Ret).
Ruth Olson Prata '57
Betty Miller Roren '45
Anne P. Schneider '48
Joseph Stabb M '11
Barbara and the late Dr. Frank P. Strong, Jr.
David and Ruth Howitt VanDerLinden '64
Susanne Lusink Yarnall '67

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (3)
American Baptist Churches of NYS
Lynn Shallenberger Anderson '61
Sandra and Robert Ansley
Thomas and Donna Hill Berneski '66
The late Mary Maxwell Blodgett '41
Carol Patterson Boyles-Jernigan '53
Dr. A. Paul and Linda Bradley
Edith Pedersen Carlson '48
The late Norma Trask Cary '47
Shirley Lofstrom Condella '55
Brian and Margaret Sherry Covney Dugan '79
The Crane Family Foundation
David Dahlberg
Joseph and Susan Daniels DeGeorge '78
Shirl E. Fay '52
Dr. Nancy and William Feinstein
Barbara Stolt Flemming '56
Patricia Flynn '65
John Foote
Dr. Paul Forestell and Dr. Nancy Marksbury
Dr. Alfred O. Ginkel
Glenora Wine Cellars, Inc.
Marlene Eisinger Goldberger '60
Greater Rochester Health Foundation
Dr. Mary Lou Johnson '65 and James Green V
Yvette and the late Dr. Calvin "Cal" J. Haller
Dr. Justin and G. Jean Howard-Cherubim
Dr. Michael T. C. Hwang
Chris and Susan Iversen
Iversen Construction
Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation
Gordon and Peggy Davis Lamb '66
Suzanne Bouvier Lamphier '51
LeChase Construction, LLC
Jean Otto MacIntosh '41
Barbara Neville '56 and the late Robert Malatesta
Sarah McAfee '67
David and Carol Miller
Marc '95 and Jeannie Misiurewicz
The late Florence Muller
Susan Hardman Nordstrom '74 and Thomas Nordstrom
Dr. James Ogg
The late Margaret Hartson Olsen '40
Brendan and Bonnie Morrison O'Shea '77
Lincoln and Brenda Chappell Peirce '53
Mary Jean Smith Pelham '55
Gale S. Pemberton '62
The late Elizabeth LeClare Perry '35
Mark and Louise Petrie
Dr. Madge Phillips '47
The Procter & Gamble Fund
Sanofi Foundation
Sally Ferris Schuman '52
Rev. Keith and Mary White Scott '67
Dr. Walt and the late Eleanor "Ellie" Scott
Marie Butler Shelanskey '61
Kaye Stone-Gansz and Ross Gansz
Dr. Corinne Stork
Stork Insurance Agency
James and the late Patricia Wallace Sutter '55
Michael '03 and Jennifer Sweet
The late Eleanor Sweigart
Robert D. Taisey, Esq.
Donna Twardowski '90
Robert and Elizabeth Simpson Van Niel '54
Susan Cornwell Van Wickle '67 and Harry Van Wickle
Dr. Wayne W. Wagner
Bradford and Pamela Morrison Warner '73
Donald and Joan Cotich Whitaker '61
Jeff and Pamela Wright
Helen Comfort Zelnick '51 and David Zelnick
Alan R. Ziegler and Emily Neece

$5,000 - $9,999

Jose Acevedo, M.D., MBA
Alesco Advisors
AVI Foodsystems
Peter Bekisz '12
Dr. William L. Boyle Jr.
Michael and Sharlene Briggs
M. Pege Brow
Betti Brown '70
Janet Ingalls Cameron '62
Rev. William and Gail Carlsen
Frederick and Nancy Nelson Caswell '65
Nancy Clark '74
Thomas and Susan Close
Joyce Cohen '67
Sherilyn Newman Coleman '70
Corning Matching Company
Professor Stephanie Craig
Jane Davis Crosby '60
Cornelia Hagen Cumming '52
John and Judith Dyke Currier '65
Isabel Gamble Curry '53
The late Mary Lou Tayntor Day '51
Rose R. Dill '60
Thomas Doupe
Doris Walker '50 and the late William Eagan
Catherine Segar Ellsworth '61
Extron Corporation
ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc
The late Joan Luks Fay '51
Scott and Denise Bleier Fitzgerald-Burgen '85
Judith Marshall Forrest
The Foundation for the Jewish Community
John and Karen DeBolt Fouracre '64
The late Alice Einstein Garmezy '53
Dr. Debra and William Gates
GCP Discount Liquors, Inc.
Nancy Weninger Greenleaf '54
Glen Gregos
Louise Mills Hawley '51
David Hessler and Elissa Sanborn
Willy and Holly Hillberg
Jerry and Mary Ann Hiller
William and Karen Ellis Hoffman '65
John and Billy Jo Jayne '10
Catherine Pratt Johnston '53
The Hon. Norman E. Joslin, D.H.L.
Karl Kabelac
Carol Gerhard Kalamen '68
Frances Blair Kamp '55
Howard and Susan Whitney Kastner '65
Everitt and Susan Geer Kitchen '62
Roger and Alicia McArthur Kitzman '61
Penney and Gerard Klingman
Knapp & Schlappi Lumber Co., Inc.
The late Jack M. and Ruth Maine Kreckman '59
William and Mary Ellen Laffin
Dr. Julia Lobotsky '43
Jean E. Lowrie '40
Joan Merrill Machata '49
Mark and Deborah Malcolm
Zygmunt and Ruth Kessler Malowicki '74
Rev. Kenneth and Marcia Oaks McCarthy '70
The late Karen McMahon '71
McMichael Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Steve and Patricia McMichael
MDRT Foundation
Daryl and Patricia Condlin Middlebrook '65
Dr. James C. Miller
Barbara Foote Moritz
Col. John and Marjorie Nichols Morris '72
Nate and Wendy Knapp Olney '75
Christine Irwin Palmer '65
Dr. Albert and Eileen Teichner Parker '53
Richard and Carol Schneider Pinneo '71
Shirley Caple Piotrowski '51
Beulah Chappell '53 and Kenneth E. Pollard and Family
Andrew Pratt
The late Marie Greene Radcliffe '52
Larry Macomber and Patricia Ramsey-Macomber '74
Rehab Resources
Stephen and Elise Rosenfeld
Dana and Helen Schillinger
Karl and Linda Monroe Schwartz '64
Dr. Joel and Barbara Vorsanger Smith '51
Dr. Gary Smith and Dr. Yang Zhao M '07
Rev. George and Ruth Palmiter Spencer '55
Philip Squattrito
Marian and Roger Stamm
Robert and Jean Cole Steinfeldt '55
Alan and Amy Storey
James and Ellen Stork
Steven and Susan Stork
Anna Sweet
Sharon '91 and David Sweet
Winifred Bronson Swormstedt '51
Dr. Jean Taylor '54
Tipping Point Communications
Marian Harrison Tomaszewski '51
Trane U.S. Inc.
Kyle and Ann Tuttle
Robert and Gail Cottet Walker '73
The late Marlea Rice Warren '50
Rev. Dr. Marlowe V. N. and Mira Washington
The late Mary Ann Packer Webster '58
Dr. Anne and James Weed
Peter and Jennifer Wilhelm
Todd and Marjorie Fulton Williams '67
Mary Roberts Wilson '64
Patrick and Barbara Pappas Wood '72

$2,500 - $4,999

Robert and Judith Money Abeles '67
Friends Anonymous
Suzanne Lake Babcock '55
John W. Bailey
Duane and Jean Henry Beckhorn '50
Jerald D. and Joy Bidlack
Sue Ellen Bordwell '67
Mark and Susan Rand Boutwell '80
Norman and Jeannette Sass Boyd '57
Beverly Arnold Brazill '53
Juleen Carter '77
Mary Hoyt Cassidy '61
Shirley Craig Clesson Cornwell '74
Robert and Linda Keeler Cross '64
James Crowley '93 and Monti Crowley
Carolyn Murray Daniels '52
David R. Zelnick Properties, Inc.
Rev. James and Edith Davison
Justin Del Vecchio and Brenda Wonder
Jonathan J. Eaton '97
William and Joanna Gandy
GE Foundation
Jeffrey and Wendy Wraight Gifford '78
Joseph and Kathryn Sims Ginett '67
James and Christina Nicolay Greenfield '68
Benedict and Sharon Carr Gullo '65
HMH Site and Sports Design
Bernard and Joan Edwards Hulkower '52
Helen Feldman Kaplan '51
Marie Keller
Patricia Kelly '60
Graham and Maryagnes Thompson Kerr '62
Keuka Spring Vineyards
Dr. Anne E. '94 and Patrick Killen '03, M '06
Catherine Howell Kress '64
Katina Kypridakes '72
The late Elaine Lees '68 and Andrew Gurcak
Gayle Foster Lewis '60
William Lohman
Timothy and Linda Boltman Loker '79
Michael Manahan and Barbara Abissi
William and Mary Beth Oaks Mankin '68
Mercury Aircraft Foundation
Brett Oakes
James and Dorothy Hunter Pappas '58
Debora Pilc
Dr. Wanda Polisseni
Dr. Victoria Record '01
Nancy Richards '60
Timothy and Talu Hartlieb Robertson '59
Patricia Radley Rogers '58
Lola Secor Rothmann '45
Roto Salt/Remée Casting
The late Muriel Self '34
Mary Purchase Sheldon-Britt '64
Susan Sherman '67
Deborah Knight Shipman '67
John and Mary Jane Frazier Sieczkos '71
Elisabeth Albright Smith '48
Christopher and Marlene Meier Smith '63
Alexander and Sharon Smith Smith '67
Sanford and Lila Berger Soll '52
Donald and the late Morag Kennedy Stauffer '52
Peter and Janice Talty
Yung and Grace Hsu Tao '53
John and Nancy Trites Taylor '59
Patricia Taylor
Joan Hutchins Thomas '53
Time Warner Cable Business Class
Edward and the late Norma Wadsworth Tucker '55
Charles and Cheryl Beach Unice '72
The late William Vierhile
The Viking Management Group Ltd.
Steven and Sue Sinsebox Walker '76
Dr. Cynthia Shannon '87/'88 and Thomas Weickert
Barbara Weller '65
Stephen and Genevieve Hedges Wetterhahn '80
Wendy Craig Wollenhaupt '67
Bob and Carol Worden
Rob Schwarting and Carol Worth
Xerox Corporation
David and Sharon Whipple Youmans '75

$1,000 - $2,499

Frank and Sandra Presicci Acito '68
Robert and Janis Freeborn Ackerman '73
Donna Heseltine Ahnert '75
Jonathan and Nancy Jewell Aldrich '59
Christine Allgeier '69
Bruce Allison
Russell and Christina Ahlberg AmEnde '83
Dr. Brandon Barile-Swain '05
James and Frances Kalmbach Bazzoli '51
Christopher and Margaret Glatzel Bell '63
Joan Belsyck '52
Best Western Plus Vineyard Inn & Suites
Jason and Cheryl Youmans Blonstein '67
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Ronald and Janet Reeves Bogdan '68
Leopoldo Bonilla and ZoryLú Díaz-Bonilla
Tisha Remkus Bouboulis '72
Jean Markson Brock '53
Linda Dove Brookshire '69
Karen Brown '65
Crist and Katherine Panarites Brown '48
Edwin and Janet Klossner Bryant '62
Bully Hill Vineyards Inc.
Pamela Burdick '73
Helen Ananenko Burlingame '48
Harry and Ann Cleveland Burt '53
Canandaigua National Bank
Olivia Anslinger Carniglia '68
Casella Waste Systems, Inc.
Edward and Arlene Wesley Cash '76
Lori Thiebeau Catanzarita '82
Doris Chamberlain '70
James and Joanne Perkins Chambers '64
The late Richard and Linda Lutfy Clayton '64
John and Susan Reeder Collyer '70
Con Edison Co of NY
Mary Butterfield Congdon '41
Dr. Walter Cooper
Bradley and Nancy Horgen Corbitt '59
Corning Incorporated
Dennis and Patricia Piper Courtright '64
Gorham and Marilyn Wolfersberger Cowl '59
Robert and Joyce Sizemore Crawford '60
Jerry O'Neal and Linda Crossett '74
Robert and Elaine Read Crowell '71
Paul and Ginny Curtis
Stephen and Maxine Toner Daly '67
Terrence and Theresa Giroux Daly '77
Alta Meeker DeLong '58
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Carolina Díaz
Carl and Beth Dickinson
Wendy and George Disbrow
Michael '06 and Elizabeth Mance Duxbury '03
Kristina Worman Dyer '67
Craig and Elizabeth Dykstra
Faye Ellis '74
Bruce and Pat Lang Elmblad '52
Evelyn Earley Emerson '88
Empire Long Distance Corp.
W. Patrick and Suzanne Falvey
The Farash Foundation
First Baptist Church of Penn Yan
Geoffrey and Diane Hall Fitzgerald '67
Follett Bookstore Services
J. Michael M '07 and Pamela Furlong
William and the late Vicki Fiske Gallant '60
Gail Ganter-Toback '66
Paul and Marcia Ward Garatt '57
Martin and Catharine Gardner
The late Helen Gasparian '65
Laura Hallen Gates '72
Kenneth and Mary Lee Gellhaus '54
Geneva Music Festival
Jean Howard Gibson '54
Robert and Patricia Gilchrist
Westlake and Karen Brower Goehring '60
C. Peter and Nancy Taylor Goodnough '64
Suzanne Goodrich '54
Dane Gordon for the late Elizabeth Marshall Gordon '49
Grand Central Discount Beer, LLC
Klaus and Brigitte Gueldenpfennig
Timothy Guido
Stewart and Eleanor Beeson Gully '56
Marjorie Herendeen Harris '55
Sally Coates Hartman '58
Philip and Judith Hudson Hartten '64
Robert and Andrea Adams Hastings '63
Bart Hayes '00
Elizabeth Jarrett Heisig '55
David and Patricia Letourneau Henderson '84
Frank and Lucy Bothwell Henjes '55
Carolyn Gilmore Hitchcock '55
Dennis and Ann Hoins
Alan and M. Beverly Nellett Huffman '80
Katherine M. Hull '71
Hunt Country Vineyards
Art and Joyce Hunt
IBM Corporation
Mary Kinsman Isburgh '50
Catherine Kowal Johnson '88
Rose Wilck Kauder '47
Lois Moulton Kelley '49
Milton and Nancy Sinclair Kemp '73
James and Katherine Lakness Kinane '71
Carleton and Susan Wells Kinne '68
the late Helen G. Gifford Kinne '29
Barry and Anne McKenney Kleban '72
The late Louise H. Klinke
H. William and Suzanne LeNoir Knapp '68
Michael and Lori Zang Kosinski '83
David and Jean Herendeen Kosow '55
Peter and Kim Krog
Don and Bonnie Gillette Labowsky '79
D. Wayne and Dianne Brooker Lambert '59
Joseph and Joyce Toomath Lamphere '58
Barbara J. Larsen '80
Patricia Lootens Larzelere '80
David and Beth Laubisch
Lightner Sams Foundation
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Wade and Suanne Miller Lippman '74
Jack and Kathy Littleton '79
Alison M. Long
Longs' Cards and Books
Loomis Barn
Charles '98 and Megan Stevens Lovejoy '99
Marilyn Gray McClellan '54
David and Nancy Avery McEntire '68
John and Susan Smith McGraw '70
Lauren McMullen '76
Patricia Tuthill Michael '55
Joan Miller '53
Melvin and the late Jacqueline Bregoff Milstein '50
Richard and Sandra Deihle Moncrief '68
Katharine Mooney '81
Suzanne Miner Moore '58
William and Bertha Kellers Morehouse '51
Timothy and Robin McDevitt Morgenthaler '79
Jim and Janet Haggerty/Gibbons Morris '75
Mark and Sue Morris
Kevin and Susan Conroy Murphy '75
Nord Family Foundation
Richard and the late Janet Fauls Norsen '57
Elizabeth Null '67
Philip and Elaine Jensen O'Brien '61
Thomas and Ernestine Parillo O'Brien '55
Nancy Parkis O'Brien '58
Dr. William and Carol Helper Odom '75
Peter and Susan Hotaling Ogle '68
Charles and Wendy Winn Oliver '67
Claudia Opitz '70
Gayle Orczyk '66
The late C. Robert and the late Shirley Outhouse '46
David and Theresa Paddock
John and Linda Gaillard Parazynski '58
Lincoln Peirce
Anne D. Pemberton '64
Penn Yan Keuka Club
Alfonso and Rita Marchionne Pineyro '64
Jay and Stefania Branegan
Popli, Architecture & Engineering & LS, PC
Rebecca Pott Fitton '70
Carol Prior '69
Proforma Eldon Associates
Laurence and Linda Beats Putchinski '67
Richard and Betty Gardner Rangoon '54
John and Donna Jones Rapacke '64
Dorleon Baldwin Reagan '61
Robert and Nancy Gay Reed '68
Shawn Reed '89
Jody Reynolds '90
RICOH Office Solutions
Charles and Kersti Mohlmann Riehl '67
Richard and Elaine Irish Rife '59
Marcia and the late Dr. Michael A. Rogoff
Edgar and Linda Blaisdell Roosa '64
Louis and Elizabeth Roberts Rozanski '62
Jonathan and Nanuette Edmonds Rudolph '66
Ruth Beers Ruskin '50
Linda Yanklowski Russell '80
Russell and Linda Joy Ruthig '69
Karl and Diane Becker Sanford '69
Dr. Jeanine Benwitz Santelli '83
Joann McCulloch Sarachman '58
Perry and Denise DeRonde Saunders '68
Glenn and Dona Williamson Scarcia '53
Howard and Diana Whitcomb Schnettler '72
Susan Seller '82
Susan Sheffield '67
Neil and Joyce Simmons
Charlotte Artley Simon '46
Shirley Bates Singer '49
Raymond and Helen Scanlon Slominski '58
Hilde Weber Smith '53
Donald and Jane Pittendreigh Smith '67
Dr. Victoria and David Smith
Sodexo Campus Services
Steven and Nancy Boutillette Spanich '69
Spectrum Enterprise
Evelyn Morgan Spring '54
Clarice Warren Start '46
David and Jean Carpenter States '51
Wayne and Janice Brucklacher Stebbins '60
The late James Steele
Sondra Stevens '72
Judy Phelps Stevenson '68
Faye Hollenbeck Stowell '76
Douglas and Jennifer Strong
Frances Taylor Sullivan '62
Tabernacle Baptist Church
Jordan and Ann Small Taylor '86
Heather Meyer Tellier '93
Marilyn Elmer Templeton '54
Teresa Test '73
Gail Tether '59
Jean Livingston Thomas '59
The late Lois Schacher Thornton '63
Martha and Don Thorpe
Christine Timber '71
Roger and Elfriede Muller Tompkins '67
Richard S. Tosh, Meagan L. Tosh, and Ian P. Tosh
Suzanne Bielmeier Towne '75
Philip and Leslie McIntyre Tsibulsky '69
Ann and Bruce Turner
Richard and Barbara Hart Van Horn '70
Schuyler and Carol Rockey Van Horn '69
S. Ward and Edith Protzman Vanderbeek '51
Jean Harris Vaughn '49
Susan W. Vines '66
Vineyard View Winery
William and Sylvia Jennings Wadsworth '65
Katharine Waye
Thomas and Sheryl Henshaw Welch '70
Bryan and Luann Wheaton
Janice Waggener, Mosher White '51
Ronald and Mina Gauld White '68
David and Suzanne Norton Winslow '63
Les and Wanda Wood
Charles and Catherine Bensen Woodruff '54
Christopher Yurko '09