Keuka Fund

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Keuka College will not waver in our commitment to affordability. But our endowment is small. Tuition alone doesn’t cover the actual, annual costs of any college—especially tuition-dependent ones like us. That means we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for donors like you.


A thriving annual fund that gives us the opportunity to say “yes” to the hopes and dreams of students and faculty.

Keuka College Leadership Circle

KCLC members are a group of the College's strongest and closest supporters who make a multi-year pledge to the Keuka Fund. Learn more about KCLC.

What You Can Do

  • You can slash educational costs for some of our region’s most impoverished families—nearly half of Keuka College’s students are eligible for the maximum amount of government financial aid.
  • You can help secure government and corporate grants for Keuka College by adding your name to our ever-growing list of annual donors.
  • You can instantly become part of Keuka College’s inner network of closest supporters by joining the Keuka College Leadership Circle today.

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