Student Center Renovation

New Student Center

Everything about the student center says “1970s.” It was built for a different era, and for an all-women’s college with less than half of today’s enrollment. It’s devolved into an office building with a cafeteria—not the center for culture and community it once was. That means our students are missing out on a fundamental part of the college experience.


A focal point that’s bustling around the clock with things to do, people to meet, lessons to learn, and coffee to drink.

What You Can Do

  • You can give the 1,500+ people who live, learn, and work at Keuka College a physical place for an intellectual community.
  • You can immediately boost Keuka College’s retention. Nearly 75% of students say facilities are part of their decision to stay at a school, and our outdated student center is actively working against us.
  • You can give the next generation’s leaders a state-of-the-art educational space. Nearly all hands-on leadership education will happen in the student center.

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