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Dr. Andrew Beigel

  • Director of Education - Graduate Studies
  • Professor of Education
Phone: (315) 279-5442

Academic Credentials

Pennsylvania State University
SUNY Potsdam College
SUNY Potsdam College


Andy is married and has three children. He lives in a rural area where each day a new adventure in dealing with wild animals happens. It is an area where there is much peace, and a busy traffic day means more than three cars went by. Much of his non-Keuka time is spent reading science fiction and fantasy – although a muggle he has read and enjoyed all of Harry Potter, being to large to be a hobbit he has still read all of Tolkien and has looked for hobbit holes, visited Narnia and other places not as well known.

He and his wife are attempting to make their home more self-sustaining, but with the aforementioned animals, it is a task. While putting in the garden they have wrestled with evicting angry possums, relocated many rabbits, used fishline to keep deer away from the plants and most recently used squash to keep raccoons away from the corn (one of the secrets behind the three sisters).

The enjoyment of teaching at Keuka is the students. They are an earnest lot, willing to learn, and willing to try. The students have a unique way of letting faculty know when things are going well and when things are not going well. But most important they are not afraid of going out into the world.

If you are ever on campus and want to talk about teaching or teacher education, stop in to Strong 112, the conversation might be useful, but the M&Ms found there are always good and free.

Professional Interests

Assistive technology, impact of poverty on learning, especially literacy, rural education and inclusion, and assessment
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