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Richard Wilds

  • Adjunct Instructor of History

Academic Credentials

Kansas State University
Washburn University


Mr. Wilds has been involved in teaching for more than 35 years. He has been involved in writing and editing since his graduate work at Kansas State University. His teaching experience has included history, government, mathematics and science, with a period as head of a mathematics department. Educational methods include use of the Internet, creative reading and teaming systems for problem solving.

Mr. Wilds has worked for 40 years with the U. S. Naval Observatory and International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) on their Lunar Occultation Project. He has helped map the Marginal Zone of the Moon (http://iota.jhuapl.edu/watts.htm) through leading teams in the observation of more than 100 grazing occultations as well as special events involving occultations of Star Clusters toward the determination of Galactic Gravitational Parameters. He has helped discover more than 20 double stars. He has assisted NASA with their planned Cassini mission to Saturn and the Galileo mission to Jupiter by videotaping Mutual Events - occultations and eclipses among the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. The high quality of these observations, timed to an accuracy of 0.03 seconds using state-of-the-art timing equipment (GPS Time Insertion Technology), allowed NASA to save precious fuel in its exploration of Saturn and Jupiter and their moons.

In 2001, Mr. Wilds led a team in obtaining the second video recording of an occultation of a star by a Trojan asteroid— 911 Agamemnon. Research has also included work concerning the sun (in 1994 he led a team that obtained the best recording of Baily's Beads during an Annular Solar Eclipse lasting more than 12 minutes) and other solar system objects for various research efforts. All of these projects have been noted in publications — including The Occultation Newsletter, The Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series as well as others.

Due to his research and teaching efforts in astronomy, Mr. Wilds was elected to membership in the professional American Astronomical Society and to its Division of Planetary Scientists and its Historical Astronomy Division.

Professional Interests

Adjunct Instructor: Astronomy & Lab, World History, Ancient History, East Asian Studies, Western Civilization, U.S. History, Readings in History, Advanced Studies in Military and Science History, Astronomical Expedition Team Leader.
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