Financial Arrangements

Financial Arrangements for International Students

All applicants who are not United States citizens must submit evidence of full financial support for all expenses at Keuka College as a condition of being issued an F-1 student visa. You must submit to Keuka College a bank statement already translated to English that shows you have the funding available to pay for one year.

If you are being funded by a sponsor, relative, or friend, you will need to submit their original bank document and a brief statement from the sponsor indicating their relationship to you and explaining that the enclosed bank statement is funding available for your studies.

You will need to keep these original documents for your appointment with your local U.S. embassy or consulate.

Upon your arrival to campus, you will need to provide Keuka College with original copies of these financial documents.

Additional Information

Original letters from bank officials must be written in English on bank letterhead and verify the account holder, account number, current balance, and balance for the two preceding months or average monthly balance for the past six months.

Original letters from sponsors must be written in English and verify the sponsor's name and willingness and financial ability to support you. Proof of financial ability can include an employer letter (on employer letterhead) verifying annual salary and continuing employment, original bank statements and original letters from bank officials. Your sponsor cannot be another Keuka College student.

If the documentation provided is not in your own name, it must be accompanied by an original signed letter from the bank account holder or sponsor promising to support you financially and verifying that the documented funds are available for your studies.

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