2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Below are specific costs associated with various on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs and services; room and board for individual residence halls; on-campus student fees for undergraduate and graduate students; and tuition rates for evening and online programs.

Remember, there are a variety of resources that may help defray many of these costs. About 98% of Keuka College students receive some form of financial assistance.

On-Campus Undergraduate Tuition

On-Campus Undergraduate Tuition: $36,500/year
Part-Time Tuition (up to 11 credits): $1,217/credit
Summer English as a Second Language Program: $7,000/program
Overload Tuition: $1,217/credit
Audit Tuition: $465/credit hour 

On-Campus Graduate Program Tuition

Master of Science in Education: $768/credit hour
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy: $1,163/credit hour
Master of Science in Management: $745/credit hour


Residence Hall - Ball Hall: $6,866/year
Residence Hall - Harrington Hall: $6,866/year
Residence Hall - All Others: $6,540/year
Apartments - Undergraduate (32 weeks): $9,345/year
Apartments - Graduate (40 weeks): $11,020/year


Green & Gold and Oak 19 (Residence Halls):  $6,690/year
Lakeside 10 (Apartments - Undergraduate):  $3,630/year
Lakeside MSM 10 (Apartments - Graduate): $4,530/year
Wolf Pride 30 (Commuter Students Only):  $630/year
Wolf Pride 50 (Commuter Students Only):  $1,045/year

On-Campus Student Fees

Undergraduate Residential Students: $1,500/year
Undergraduate Commuter Students: $1063/year 
On-Campus Graduate Students: $728/program 

online and graduate Fees

Comprehensive Fee $350/year 

Undergraduate Tuition

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management: $515/credit hour
Bachelor of Science in Social Work: $515/credit hour
Online Undergraduate Courses: $515/credit hour

Graduate Tuition

Master of Science in Management (Online): $705/credit hour
Master of Science in Management (Campus):  $745/credit hour
Master of Social Work: $824/credit hour

Scholarships for Students Beginning in 2023-2024

On-Campus Undergraduate Scholarships

Award Amount/Year GPA Band
Board of Trustees Scholarship $25,000 95 - 100
President's Scholarship $24,000 90 - 94
Dean's Scholarship $22,000 85 - 89
Green & Gold Scholars Award $20,000 80 - 84