Student Printing

Students print to our Follow Me Print server. This allows you to send your documents any campus printer. You'll swipe your card or enter your ID number at the printer and select the document you wish to print. Each year, students are allocated $37.00 in print credits. Black and white copies are $0.05 each and color copies are $0.12.

If you run out of print funds prior to the close of the academic year, you can add print funds at the Office of Student Accounts in Ball Hall.

You do not have to use a college computer in order to print. With our mobile printing utility, you can use any personal mobile device to send a print job to the Follow Me Print server.

For more information about mobile printing, please reference our Self Help at

Mobile Printing

Log into the Mobile Printing Site with your Keuka College network credentials. The site can be found at

Upon accessing the site, you will see four tabs across the top of the page. Here’s an overview of what each tab offers you.

My Print Jobs: From this tab you can see the status of current print jobs, or see a history of jobs processed in the past.

Web Print: Provides you with the ability to upload a file from your device, and have that document printed at any printer where “followmeprint” is supported on campus. This tab also provides you with the ability to print content from a website by providing the site’s URL in the “Web Address To Print” field.

Driver Print: From this tab, you are provided with detailed instructions on how to set your Windows- or Mac-based computers up to print to any printer on campus where “followmeprint” is supported. This is typically a one-time setup and takes approx. 5- 10 minutes. No advance computer knowledge is needed, as all the information needed to get you up and running is right on your screen. Simply read the instructions carefully.

My Printers: Allows you to choose a more friendly or familiar name than the one that’s listed. This is an optional setting and can be left alone.

Cell Phone and Tablets

As most of us know, Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices are completely separate animals! With that in mind, users attempting to print from their mobile phones and tablets will share different experiences.

The first step in printing from your cell phone or tablet is to download the Everyoneprint mobile app. The app can be downloaded from their respective app stores at the addresses listed below.

Note: Using Apple's AirPrint capabilities, the mobile app is not a requirement for Apple devices. You will still be able to print from an iPhone and iPad should you choose not to install the app.

Once the app is installed, ensure that you are connected to Keuka College’s wireless network and navigate to the settings screen in the app. Enter under “Using Gateway.” Do not hit the discover button, instead hit the “Test Connection” button.

Upon a successful connection, click save.

Once your connection configuration has been saved, you are ready to print from your mobile device.

When it comes to printing from a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet, not all things are equal. Again, your experiences will be different depending on which mobile device you are printing from. Apple devices support a mobile printing solution called AirPrint. This allows Apple devices to print to supported printers without having to install additional software, or configure that device before printing. AirPrint is the reason Apple devices are not required to install the EveryOnePrint mobile app.

To print from any app via AirPrint, select the export symbol and choose “Print.” In the print dialog, if it is not already selected, choose the printer named “followmeprint”. Hit print and retrieve your document like you normally would.

For Android devices, printing is only possible if the app you are printing from supports the “Share via” functionality, the “Open in”, or “Print with EveryOnePrint” action.

So, for example, if you wanted to print a PDF document from your android phone, the recommended method would be to open the document as normal, in whatever app you use to view PDF files, and click the “Share” icon. If your app does not have the Share icon available, the next option would be to find the PDF file on your phone, and instead of opening it with your normal PDF reader, choose to open the file with the EveryOnePrint mobile app.

The above example shows how to print from a PDF file, but printing from Android devices will be the same with any of the supported file extensions: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT.

For all other formats, use “Driver Print” from your Windows Laptop or Mac computer.

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