A Mom's Reflection on Her BSW Experience

Meet Sarah Eddy, a mom from Canandaigua who balanced school, work, and family commitments.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sometimes a career path doesn’t automatically materialize after a community college graduation. Canandaigua native Sarah Eddy took a break from school, gaining lots of life and on-the-job experience. She taught preschool, waitressed, worked in retail, became a mother.

Then she talked to a former advisor, who told her about Keuka College’s Bachelor’s in Social Work program.

Walking into a classroom again was intimidating for her at first, she remembers, but she quickly felt at home

“I was the shy one in the corner,” she says. “But the program and my cohort brought me out of my shell. I felt it was the right program for me – and that what I had to say was important.”

The Cohort included a diverse group.

“No matter what life events occurred, there was a sense of support for each other,” Sarah says. “That prepared me well for social work. Isn't that what social work really is – caring about people no matter how different we are?”

Sarah is now at Ontario County Child Protective Services, where she’s a field supervisor.

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with Keuka College,” she says. “When you first go into the program, you wonder – ‘Can I take this on? Will it be too hard?’ – but Keuka College and its instructors always say it’s possible. I love the positive outlook throughout the process.”