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What Grade Point Average do I need to make the Dean's List?

Undergraduate students must have a term GPA of 3.5 or above. Letters are sent to the address on file. 

Why isn't the College offering a prorated, 100% room & board credit for Fall 2020?

Keuka College is a purposely residential campus, meaning that the academic and residential experiences are fully integrated. While we recognize that students and their families equate room & board to their residence hall room and dining plan alone, room & board fees contribute to a student's overall educational experience.

Room & board fees cover the direct and indirect costs of a residence hall room, dining plan, and subsidize the cost of a student's academic experience in the form of salaries for faculty and staff, support services (e.g., writing center, tutoring services, library, network infrastructure), and fixed infrastructure. These services were still available to students during the entire Fall 2020 semester.

Why doesn’t tuition alone cover the cost of education?

Every on-campus Keuka College student receives some form of institutional aid, usually in the form of an academic scholarship. Most of the $19 million awarded in institutional aid each year is funded by the College (i.e., by discounting tuition) and does not come from external sources. 

As such, the cost of a student’s education is not covered through their tuition alone and room & board fees must be used to offset the cost of the high-quality academic experience our students receive.

This subsidy is also the driving reason behind the College's long-standing policy that students who have been given approval to live off-campus must forfeit a percentage of their College-funded scholarship.

How do I apply for the commencement ceremony?

Click the "Apply for Commencement" button at the top of the KC Portal main page.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Our merit-based scholarships are as follows:

Scholarship Amount per year To qualify, your GPA must be between:
Alumni Association Award for Excellence $20,250 3.5-4.0 or 90-100%
Keuka College Presidential Scholarship $18,750 3.0-3.49 or 85-89%
Keuka College Gold Scholars Award $16,750 2.5-2.99 or 80-84%
How will student mail be delivered?

Students will receive an email from the College once a package or piece of mail has arrived and is ready for pickup. Students will retrieve mail from Room 115 in Strong Hall (on the first floor, the first door on the left after entering) between noon and 4:30 p.m. Please wear a facemask, respect social distancing rules, and have College ID ready to scan into the system. Please remember, a full name must be on the package in order to process. Please call (315) 279-5466 with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: All incoming packages or mail for students should be addressed to 141 Central Ave., Keuka Park, NY 14478.

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