Sarah Brimmer ’17 is Now Giving the Orders, Instead of Following Them

After earning her nurse practitioner’s degree from Keuka College, “I’m in a completely different role.”

Monday, November 4, 2019
1 min. read

Convenience was a key word for Sarah Brimmer ’17 when it came to deciding to become a nurse practitioner. Keuka College’s AGPCNP AOE program fit her needs perfectly.

Elmira is home for Sarah. And that’s where she returned after graduating with her associate’s degree in Nursing from Niagara County Community College to work as a nurse at the Arnott Ogden Medical Center.

With bills to pay and a mortgage, she couldn’t put work on pause to continue her education. Keuka College's BSN AOE program allowed her to take her classes right at Arnott Ogden – within walking distance of her home.

Even the 90-minute commute from Elmira to the College’s home campus for once-a-week classes worked out. She met up with students from her cohort in Watkins Glen and carpooled. Another plus to the program for Sarah: “You have to do 535 clinical hours, but you can set your own schedule and location.”

Now, Sarah says, “I’m in a completely different role from nursing – I’m a provider in a primary care office at Arnott, with a great collaborating physician. Instead of following doctor’s orders, you’re giving them. I still use my nursing skills, and more diagnostic skills.”

For anyone considering the program, Sarah has advice: “It’s definitely doable,” she says. “It’s time-consuming, but it’s only two years. Don’t be afraid.”