Requesting Transcripts

A transcript is the permanent record of academic work undertaken at a college or university. The college transcript request that you submit is often managed by the Office of the Registrar of that institution.

To be accepted, you'll need to request transcripts from every college or university you previously attended and submit them to Keuka College's Registrar. 

Official Transcripts

Keuka College only accepts official transcripts, and they must come directly from your previous institution to us. 

Where to Start

Visit the website of each college or university you previously attended. Once there, try one of these:

  • Use the search function to find "transcript request."
  • Locate the Office of the Registrar (sometimes called Office of Records or Office of Records and Registration)
  • Locate the Office of Alumni Relations

If you can't find a transcript request on their website, you might want to try contacting the Office of Alumni Relations at that institution. They will likely be able to point you in the right direction. 

Electronic Transcripts

You may be able to request college transcripts and submit them entirely electronically if your previous institution participates in electronic transcript exchange services such as the National Student Clearinghouse. 

Electronic transcripts are sent securely and offer the fastest processing time. Official electronic transcripts will need to be sent to the Keuka College Registrar's Office. If you're asked to provide an email address, it is [email protected]

Paper Transcripts

You might only be able to request that physical transcripts be sent through the mail. You can have them sent to the following address:

Keuka College
Attn: Office of the Registrar
141 Central Ave.
Keuka Park, NY 14478

In-Person Requests

A college transcript request can also be submitted in person at the college or university you attended previously.

The copies will need to be sealed in order to be considered official college transcripts. Request your copy in person, but do not break the seal before submitting the paperwork by mail to Keuka College. 

What to Do If You're Stuck

Contact your Keuka College admissions or enrollment counselor at (800) 335-3852.